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ISBN: 0122270754
ASIN: 0122270754
Title: Encyclopedia of Creativity
Publisher: Academic Press
PublicationDate: 1999-08-16
Amazon Pricing Information
ListPrice: 715.00
LowestNewPrice: 199.55
LowestUsedPrice: 90.00
TotalNew: 15
TotalUsed: 15
SalesRank: 5446041
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Amazon Editorial Reviews
Product Description
The Encyclopedia of Creativity is the sourcebook for individuals seeking specialized information about creativity and motivation. Subjects include theories of creativity, techniques for enhancing creativity, individuals who have made significant contributions to creativity, physiological aspects of creativity, and virtually any topic that touches upon the subject. Entries are placed in alphabetical order with cross-references to other topics and entries where appropriate. Each entry is written in simple easy-to-understand terms summarizing the most important aspects of creative research and writing relating to the specific topic. A bibliography in the back of each article suggests additional sources for more information. The text is visually enhanced throughout by illustrations and photographs.

  • A source-book of specialized information about creativity and motivation
  • Includes virtually any topic dealing with creativity
  • Entries are placed in alphabetical order with cross-references
  • Written in easy-to-understand terms
  • Illustrations and photographs throughout
  • Contains select biographies of internationally renowned creative individuals from throughout history Review
Those wishing to study or provoke the creative process know that it is by nature elusive. Academic Press designed the Encyclopedia of Creativity, edited by Mark Runco and Steven Pritzker, to help pin it down by presenting the state of the art in social-science research and theory in a comprehensive, yet accessible, two-volume set. Nearly 200 entries, including important concepts such as Problem Finding and Serendipity, and biographical sketches of creative geniuses such as Sylvia Plath and Charles Darwin, fill 1,400 pages with insights and ideas for people working on the theory or the practice of creativity.

Be warned: Though it is accessible, it isn't pleasure reading. The biographies are occasionally enlightening (if somewhat arbitrary), but most entries are written with the social-science professional in mind and are consequently rather dry. This is no weakness for the serious researcher, however; in fact, the definitions and bibliographies are very helpful for focusing the reader's thinking about difficult subjects. The serious-minded student will find plenty to play with in the Encyclopedia of Creativity. --Rob Lightner

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