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ISBN: 0385501684
ASIN: 0385501684
Title: Hail, Holy Queen
Author: Scott Hahn
Publisher: Doubleday
PublicationDate: 2001-04-17
Amazon Pricing Information
ListPrice: 21.00
LowestNewPrice: 27.99
LowestUsedPrice: 2.24
TotalNew: 14
TotalUsed: 56
SalesRank: 207899
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Product Description
A fresh and enlightening new perspective on Mary, Mother of God, and her central importance in the Christian faith, from the author of the highly successful The Lamb's Supper.

In The Lamb's Supper, Catholic scholar and apologist Scott Hahn explored the relationship between the Book of Revelation and the Roman Catholic Mass, deftly clarifying the most subtle of theological points with analogies and anecdotes from everyday life. In Hail, Holy Queen, he employs the same accessible, entertaining style to demonstrate Mary's essential role in Christianity's redemptive message.

Most Christians know that the life of Jesus is foreshadowed throughout the Old Testament. Through a close examination of the Bible, as well as the work of both Catholic and Protestant scholars and clergy, Hahn brings to light the small but significant details showing that just as Jesus is the "New Adam," so Mary is the "New Eve." He unveils the Marian mystery at the heart of the Book of Revelation and reveals how it is foretold in the very first pages of the Book of Genesis and in the story of King David's monarchy, which speaks of a privileged place for the mother of the king.

Building on these scriptural and historical foundations, Hahn presents a new look at the Marian doctrines: Her Immaculate Conception, Perpetual Virginity, Assumption, and Coronation. As he guides modern-day readers through passages filled with mysteries and poetry, Hahn helps them rediscover the ancient art and science of reading the Scriptures and gain a more profound understanding of their truthfulness and relevance to faith and the practice of religion in the contemporary world. Review
Hail, Holy Queen: The Mother of God in the Word of God is theologian Scott Hahn's follow-up to his bestselling The Lamb's Supper. Like the previous book, Hail, Holy Queen melds autobiographical reflections, scriptural interpretation, and historical anecdotes in an accessible style to clarify some sophisticated points of Catholic theology. From the book's first sentence ("For all my newfound piety, I was still fifteen years old, and all too conscious of 'cool'"), the author's assured voice will capture the reader's interest. Readers outside Catholicism who are mystified by the centrality of Mary in Catholic devotion, and Catholics who wish to become more knowledgeable and reflective about a central aspect of their faith, will be especially drawn to Hail, Holy Queen. Among the book's most interesting claims is Hahn's contention that Marian devotion has shaped common ideas about motherhood. Hahn's teenage consciousness of cool made him ashamed of his mother. That kind of shame, he argues, helps to shape many Christians' ideas about Mary. And yet, citing John's Gospel, Hahn writes, "As He hung dying on the cross, in His last will and testament, Jesus left us a mother." Hail, Holy Queen charts a course from shame to respect and love. --Michael Joseph Gross

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