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ISBN: 0517131986
ASIN: 0517131986
Title: A Spy in Canaan
Author: Howard Schack
Publisher: Random House Value Publishing
PublicationDate: 1994-09-19
Amazon Pricing Information
ListPrice: 2.99
TotalNew: 0
TotalUsed: 0
SalesRank: 12058749
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Amazon Editorial Reviews
Product Description
How far would a person go to protect his deepest convictions? THE SPY IN CANAAN by Howard H. Schack contains a historical time frame during which an ordinary person creates world altering events that change history. During a telling interview, when Howard’s experienced covert handlers wondered whether he was, indeed, ready to assume the role of a secret agent, he was told in stark, forbidding terms: “Should anything—God forbid—go wrong, if you get caught, we will deny you. You’ll be on your own. We will, of course do all we can to get you out, one way or another. We pride ourselves on that. But we will tell the world that we never heard of you. If you find that unacceptable, you can walk out the door now and no one will blame you.” To which Howard replied: “You’re wrong, I would blame myself.” In a review, Dr. Maurice Wholgelernter refers to Howard H. Schack as an American engineer and with a worldwide reputation as a master builder of military installations around the globe. Dr. Wholgelernter devotes a chapter to Howard in his book Jewish Writers/Irish Writers and titled: A Memoir about Hereto Unrevealed Intelligence: “Espionage is commonly defined as that part of the total intelligence designed for the surreptitious inspection of the activities of foreign countries to ascertain their strength and movements and to communicate such intelligence to the proper authorities. If only for security purposes, all nations must feel the need to discover, by their own concealed methods, the guarded secrets of others. Or as Winston Churchill once wittedly remarked: Sometimes liberty requires a bodyguard of lies.” Dr. Wholgelernter further discloses that for him to establish the personality traits of the ideal covert intelligence operative central to the anatomy of espionage was far from simple. “A fine study of intelligence gathering catalogs, for example, that there are some 10 traits that the good intelligence operative must possess, in order to qualify for his precarious, oft-times life-threatening assignments. Notable among them, an intelligence agent should be discreet, have passion for anonymity, and must know how to keep his mouth shut and preserve a secret. Considering those attributes, Howard H. Schack was a most effective and accomplished cover intelligence operative, presenting us with an intelligent memoir about hitherto unrevealed intelligence. Secret missions like the many carried out by Schack make possible the successful anti-terror efforts currently being made by the United States and its allies.”

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