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ISBN: 0531097676
ASIN: 0531097676
Title: Tito Gobbi on His World of Italian opera
Author: Tito Gobbi
Publisher: Franklin Watts
PublicationDate: 1984-00-00
Amazon Pricing Information
LowestNewPrice: 63.46
LowestUsedPrice: 2.99
TotalNew: 3
TotalUsed: 20
SalesRank: 2936851
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Product Description
Dust jacket notes: "'My simple aim is to tell about opera and its world - its problems and its traditions and the new ideas which flourish within its compass.' For this book, Tito Gobbi has drawn upon the experiences of a lifetime as interpreter, producer and teacher to analyse sixteen Italian operas, discussing each one's place in history, the importance of every character, above all the clues to interpretation that are to be found - but are often ignored - in the libretto and score. He also discusses the more technical aspects of voice, costume and make-up, and has an interesting chapter on the vital importance of the small part. Finally he treats the reader to miniature portraits of the composers he has known over the years, from the exotic Wolf-Ferrari with his Daimler and Great Dane to the modest and appreciative creator of L'Arlesiana, Francesco Cilea. But it is about the operas themselves that he is most illuminating. Don Giovanni he sees 'as a man who has outlived his magnificent virility and...already suspects his own decline.' The peak of Rigoletto's tragedy is reached when Gilda realizes that her respected father is the ridiculous court jester. 'Her cry of "Mio padre!" is...a horrified recognition of the appalling truth from which he has sheltered her all her life.' To Gobbi, Simone Boccanegra is 'a giant, both physically and in character. He cannot be performed by a small man.' On Otello and Iago, on Falstaff, above all on Tosca and on Scarpia - a role he has played nearly a thousand times - he is equally illuminating, his wisdom evident in the meticulous detail of every paragraph in which he dissects each scene, each part..."

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