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ISBN: 0963786318
ASIN: 0963786318
Title: Manhood: Dreams & Myths
Author: Alexander Howard
Publisher: Mars Magic
PublicationDate: 2001-11-30
Amazon Pricing Information
ListPrice: 10.00
TotalNew: 0
TotalUsed: 0
SalesRank: 19337987
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Product Description
Manhood, Dreams & Myths by Alexander Howard, published by Mars Magic Productions, are the songs of labors of a mystical quest for one who has struggled with what it really means to be a man in modern American society. How does one attempt to explain masculinity using the unsteady vessels of words? The author's task almost immediately turned towards Freemasonry and the mystical teachings of the Master Mason. As an earnest seeker of truths and self-actualization, the author was forced to confront the trappings of an R&B entertainment life, sex, food addictions and blatant disrespect of the feminine realms of reality.

This book begins with a man who, for all practical purposes, had it all. One day, as he surveyed all that he had attained, he asked that dangerous question of life; "Is this all there is to life?" Suddenly he was emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually stripped of all that his ego believed was necessary for success. Then he was forced to transform the focus of his life from the external to the inward by contemplation and self-surrender to reach truths beyond human understanding.

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