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Over 6 million ISBNs and ISBN barcodes are listed. The ISBN format was created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISBNs are 10 or 13 digit numbers that uniquely identify a book by its title, publisher, and format. ISBN bar codes are just a bar code display of the ISBN number. ISBNs were introduced in 1970 and were originally 10 digit numbers. In 2007, ISBN numbers changed to 13 digit numbers so the system wouldn't run out of ISBN numbers to assign. The ISBN number is typically found on the back cover of the book along with the ISBN barcode that represents that number. The ISBN number can also typically be found on one of the first few pages of the book where the publisher and copyright information is listed.

Each edition of a book and each format of a book has a different ISBN number. This is very useful when searching for the softcover edition or the hardcover edition of a book. It is also useful for college students searching for the correct edition of a college textbook for their university class.

To learn more about the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) ISO standard, see the Wikipedia entry for ISBN


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Title: Modulation and Related Harmonic Questions:
Author: Arthur William Foote
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Mendelssohn: A New Image of the Composer and His Age
Author: Eric Werner
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Soldiers and Governments: Nine Studies in Civil-Military Relations
Author: Michael Eliot Howard
Publisher: Greenwood Pub Group


Title: The Charities of Rural England, 1480-1660: The Aspirations and the Achievements of the Rural Society
Author: Wilbur Kitchener Jordan
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: The Journal of Sir Walter Scott: The Text Revised from a Photostat in the National Library of Scotland
Author: Sir Walter Scott
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: The Background of English Literature: Classical and Romantic, and Other Collected Essays and Addresses
Author: Herbert John Clifford Grierson
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Egotistical Sublime: History of Wordsworth's Imagination
Author: Henry John Franklin Jones
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Transatlantic Revivalism : Popular Evangelicalism in Britain and America, 1790 - 1865 (Contributions in American History)
Author: Richard Carwardine
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Latin American Women: Historical Perspectives (Contributions in Women's Studies)
Author: Asuncion Lavrin
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Ethnics in a Borderland: An Inquiry into the Nature of Ethnicity and Reduction of Ethnic Tensions in a One-Time Genocide Area (Contributions in Sociology)
Author: Feliks Gross
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: New Perspectives for Reference Service in Academic Libraries (Contributions in Librarianship and Information Science)
Author: Raymond G. McInnis
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Appellate Courts and Lawyers: Information Gathering in the Adversary System (Contributions in Legal Studies)
Author: Thomas B. Marvell
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: The McNamara Strategy and the Vietnam War: Program Budgeting in the Pentagon, 1960-1968 (Contributions in Political Science)
Author: Gregory Palmer
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Charting the Future: The Supreme Court Responds to a Changing Society, 1890$1920 (Contributions in Legal Studies)
Author: John E. Semonche
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Political Philosophy as Therapy: Marcuse Reconsidered (Contributions in Political Science)
Author: Gertrude A. Steuernagel
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Menace in the West: The Rise of French Anti$Americanism in Modern Times (Contributions in American Studies)
Author: David Strauss
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: France's Vietnam Policy: A Study in French-American Relations (Contributions in Political Science)
Author: Marianna P. Sullivan
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: The Communist Parties of Western Europe: A Comparative Study (Contributions in Political Science)
Author: R. Neal Tannahill
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Two Nations over Time: Spain and the United States, 1776-1977 (Contributions in American History)
Author: James W. Cortada
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: United Nations Studies.
Author: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Television Fraud: The History and Implications of the Quiz Show Scandals (Contributions in American Studies)
Author: Kent Anderson
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: The Social Bases of City Politics: Atlanta, 1865-1903 (Contributions in American History)
Author: Eugene J. Watts
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: The Hindered Hand: Cultural Implications of Early African-American Fiction (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies)
Author: Arlene A. Elder
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: The Vital Network: A Theory of Communication and Society (Contributions in Afro-American & African Studies)
Author: Patrick Williams
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Handbook of American popular culture
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: R.G. Dun & Co., 1841$1900: The Development of Credit$Reporting in the Nineteenth Century (Contributions in Economics and Economic History)
Author: James D. Norris
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Dictionary of American Penology: An Introductory Guide
Author: Vergil L. Williams
Publisher: Greenwood Pub Group


Title: The Budget of the United Nations.: (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, United Nations Studies)
Author: Syracuse University. Maxwell Graduate School of Citizenship and Public Affairs.
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Coordination of Economic and Social Activities (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, United Nations Studies)
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Consultation between the United Nations and Non-Governmental Organizations: A Working Paper Transmitted by the Interim Committee to Consultative Non-Governmental ... International Peace, United Nations Studies)
Author: Interim Committee to Consultative Non-Government Organizations
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: The United Nations Secretariat.: (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, United Nations Studies)
Author: Syracuse University. Maxwell Graduate School of Citizenship and Public Affairs
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Voting and the Handling of Disputes in the Security Council.: (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, United Nations Studies)
Author: Eduardo Jimenez de Arechaga
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: The International Court of Justice: Its Role in the Maintenance of International Peace and Security (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, United Nations Studies)
Author: Oliver James Lissitzyn
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: The Political Role of the General Assembly (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, United Nations Studies)
Author: Henry Field Haviland
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Latin America in the United Nations (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, United Nations Studies)
Author: John Albert Houston
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: The General Assembly of the United Nations: A Study of Procedure and Practice (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, United Nations Studies)
Author: Sydney Dawson Bailey
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Field Administration in the United Nations System: The Conduct of International Economic and Social Programs (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, United Nations Studies)
Author: Walter Rice Sharp
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: The Secretariat of the United Nations (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, United Nations Studies)
Author: Sydney Dawson Bailey
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Social Science and Social Pathology.
Author: Barbara, Baroness Wootton of Abinger Wootton
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Development of Local Government
Author: William A. Robson
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Great Britain and Ireland, 1760-1800: A Study in Political Administration
Author: Edith Mary Johnston
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Church Life in Norway: 1800-1950
Author: Einar Molland
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: The Tyrannous Reign of Mary Stewart (Edinburgh University Publication: History, Philosophy, and Economics)
Author: George Buchanan
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: The Domesday Inquest and the Making of Domesday Book
Author: Rex Welldon Finn
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Memoirs
Author: Mikhail Glinka
Publisher: Greenwood Pub Group


Title: The Unity of the Bible
Author: Harold Henry Rowley
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Luther: His Life and Work
Author: Gerhard Ritter
Publisher: Greenwood Pub Group


Title: Britain in Western Europe:
Author: Royal Institute
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Creeds in Competition: A Creative Force in American Culture
Author: Leo Pfeffer
Publisher: Greenwood Pub Group


Title: Great Britain and Egypt, 1914-51
Author: Royal Institute of International Affairs
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: State and Revolution: Marxist Teaching about the Theory of the State and the Tasks of the Proletariat in the Revolution
Author: Vladimir Il'ich Lenin
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Humanist Versus Economist: Economic Thought of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Author: William Francis Kennedy
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: The New Shape of American Religion
Author: Martin E. Marty
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Web of Victory: Grant at Vicksburg
Author: Earl Schenck Miers
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Soviet Foreign Policy: 1917-1941
Author: George Frost Kennan
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Science and the Social Order
Author: Bernard Barber
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Fighting Ships and Seamen
Author: Donald G.F.W. Macintyre
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Professor and the Commissions
Author: Bernard Schwartz
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Essays, Literary and Educational
Author: Eustace Mandeville Wetenhall Tillyard
Publisher: Greenwood Pub Group


Title: Coleridge the Visionary
Author: John B. Beer
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Endless Web: John Dickinson and Co.Ltd., 1804-1954
Author: Joan Evans
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: The Old Bailey and its Trials:
Author: Bernard O'Donnell
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Samuel Pepys in the Diary.
Author: Percival Hunt
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Gilbert: His Life and Strife
Author: Hesketh Pearson
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Maxim Gorky Romantic Realist and Conservative Revolutionary
Author: Richard Hare
Publisher: Greenwood Pub Group


Title: Comparative Industrial Relations in Europe: (Contributions in Economics and Economic History)
Author: Derek Torrington
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Sir Thomas Beecham Discography
Author: Sir Thomas Beecham Society
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Mark Twain's America:
Author: Bernard Augustine De Voto
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Jazz on LP's: A Collector's Guide to Jazz, Revised Edition
Author: Decca Records
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: British Foreign Policy:
Author: Royal Inst
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Notes on Chopin.
Author: Andre Gide
Publisher: Greenwood Pub Group


Title: I Am a Conductor
Author: Charles Munch
Publisher: Greenwood Pub Group


Title: Johann Sebastian Bach: Heritage and Obligation
Author: Paul Hindemith
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Our Musical Heritage: A Short History of Music
Author: Curt Sachs
Publisher: Greenwood Pub Group


Title: Discographies of Commercial Recordings of the Cleveland Orchestra: 1924-1977) and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (1917-1977)
Author: Frederick P. Fellers
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Child Abuse and Neglect: An Annotated Bibliography (Contemporary Problems of Childhood)
Author: Beatrice J. Kalisch
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Strategy and Collective Bargaining Negotiation (Publications of the Wertheim Committee)
Author: Carl M. Stevens
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: German Culture in America: Philosophical and Literary Influences, 1600$1900
Author: Henry August Pochmann
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Indian Culture and European Trade Goods: The Archeology of the Historic Period in the Western Great Lakes Region
Author: George Irving Quimby
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Culture under Canvas: The Story of Tent Chautauqua
Author: Harry P. Harrison
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Burmese Drama: A Study, with Translations of Burmese Plays
Author: Maung A. Htin
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Legislative Partisanship: The Deviant Case of California
Author: William Buchanan
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: The Origins of Teapot Dome: Progressive Parties and Petroleum, 1909-1921
Author: James Leonard Bates
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Melanchthon: Selected writings
Author: Philip Melanchthon
Publisher: Greenwood Press,London


Title: An Autobiography of the Supreme Court: Off-the-Bench Commentary by the Justices
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Merchants and Mariners of the 18th Century
Author: Conrad Gill
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Francis Parkman
Author: Howard Doughty
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Shakespeare and the Classics.
Author: James Alexander Kerr Thomson
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Sel Lit Criticism
Author: James
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: John Keats: The Living Year 21 September 1818 to 21 September 1819
Author: Robert Gittings
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Sir Arthur Pinero's Play and Players:
Author: Hamilton Fyfe
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Canada's Arctic Outlet
Author: Howard A. Fleming
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Ivor Brown's Books of Words: Comprising a Word in Your Ear and Just Another Word
Author: Ivor John Carnegie Brown
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Shall We Amend The Fifth Amendment?:
Author: Lewis Mayers
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: The Neapolitan Revolution of 1820-1821
Author: George T. Romani
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Power and Morality in a Business Society
Author: Sylvia Kellek Selekman
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Prelude to Point Four: American Technical Missions Overseas, 1838$1938
Author: Merle Eugene Curti
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Horn of Plenty: The Story of Louis Armstrong
Author: Robert Goffin
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Grassroots Theater A Search for Regional Arts in America
Author: Gard
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Community Structure and Analysis
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint