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Over 6 million ISBNs and ISBN barcodes are listed. The ISBN format was created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISBNs are 10 or 13 digit numbers that uniquely identify a book by its title, publisher, and format. ISBN bar codes are just a bar code display of the ISBN number. ISBNs were introduced in 1970 and were originally 10 digit numbers. In 2007, ISBN numbers changed to 13 digit numbers so the system wouldn't run out of ISBN numbers to assign. The ISBN number is typically found on the back cover of the book along with the ISBN barcode that represents that number. The ISBN number can also typically be found on one of the first few pages of the book where the publisher and copyright information is listed.

Each edition of a book and each format of a book has a different ISBN number. This is very useful when searching for the softcover edition or the hardcover edition of a book. It is also useful for college students searching for the correct edition of a college textbook for their university class.

To learn more about the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) ISO standard, see the Wikipedia entry for ISBN


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Title: Biography of a Progressive: Franklin K. Lane, 1864-1921 (Contributions in American History)
Author: Franklin K. Lane
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: When Europe Speaks with One Voice: The External Relations of the European Community (Contributions in Political Science)
Author: Phillip Taylor
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Working-Class Community in Industrial America: Work, Leisure, and Struggle in Two Industrial Cities, 1880$1930 (Contributions in Labor Studies)
Author: John T. Cumbler
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Psychic and Religious Phenomena Limited: A Bibliographical Index
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: The Half-Opened Door: Discrimination and Admissions at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, 1900-1970 (Contributions in American History)
Author: Marcia Graham Synnott
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Social Change & Fundamental Law: America's Evolving Constitution (Contributions in American Studies ; No. 41)
Author: Arthur S. Miller
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Historical Statistics of Chile, Volume I: National Accounts
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Inferior Courts, Superior Justice: A History of the Justices of the Peace on the Northwest Frontier, 1853-1889 (Contributions in Legal Studies)
Author: John R. Wunder
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: The Just War: A Study in Contemporary American Doctrine
Author: Robert W. Tucker
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Tradition of Manuscripts: Study in the Transmission of St.Cyprian's Treatises
Author: Maurice Bevenot
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Nationalism and the Crises of Ethnic Minorities in Asia (Contributions in Sociology)
Author: Tai S. Kang
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Cross-Cultural Perspectives of Mate-Selection and Marriage (Contributions in Family Studies)
Author: George Kurian
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Pacifying the Plains: General Alfred Terry and the Decline of the Sioux, 1866-1890 (Contributions in Military Studies)
Author: John W. Bailey
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Episcopacy and the Royal Supremacy in the Church of England in the XVI Century:
Author: Ebenezer Thomas Davies
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: The Sexual Perversions and Abnormalities: A Study in the Psychology of Paraphilia
Author: Clifford Allen
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Consecrated Urn
Author: Bernard Blackstone
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: The Famous Druids: A Survey of Three Centuries of English Literature on the Druids
Author: A.L. Owen
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Plato for the Modern Age
Author: Robert S. Brumbaugh
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: The Captives of Korea: An Unofficial White Paper on the Treatment of War Prisoners; Our Treatment of Theirs, Their Treatment of Ours
Author: William Lindsay White
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: The Letters of Mary Wordsworth, 1800-1855
Author: Mary Wordsworth
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: International Atomic Policy During a Decade: An Historical-Political Investigation into the Problems of Atomic Weapons During the Period, 1945-55
Author: Elis Biorklund
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Religion Behind the Iron Curtain
Author: George Nauman Shuster
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Job Satisfaction and Motivation: An Annotated Bibliography
Author: Ruth M. Walsh
Publisher: Greenwood Pub Group


Title: Literary America, 1903-1934: The Mary Austin Letters (Contributions in Women's Studies)
Author: Mary Hunter Austin
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Wednesday's Children: A Study of Child Neglect and Abuse
Author: Leontine R. Young
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: The American Woman in Transition: The Urban Influence, 1870$1920 (Contributions in Women's Studies)
Author: Margaret Gibbons Wilson
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Project Search: The Struggle for Control of Criminal Information in America (Contributions in Political Science)
Author: Gordon Karl Zenk
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: International Agricultural Librarianship: Continuity and Change
Author: Alan Fusonie
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: The Tarnished Dream: The Basis of American Anti-Semitism
Author: Michael N. Dobkowski
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Antitrust and the Oil Monopoly: The Standard Oil Cases, 1890-1911 (Contributions in Legal Studies)
Author: Bruce Bringhurst
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Atlantic Alliance: N. A. T. O.'s Role in the Free World
Author: Royal Institute of Economic Affairs
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Liberators of the Female Mind: The Shirreff Sisters, Educational Reform, and the Women's Movement (Contributions in Women's Studies)
Author: Edward W. Ellsworth
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Letters to Lady Cunard, 1895-1933
Author: George Moore
Publisher: Greenwood Pub Group


Title: Perfection of Wisdom
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Soviet Theatre
Author: Pavel Aleksandrovich Markov
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Mrs. Egg and Other Americans: Collected Stories
Author: Thomas Beer
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: French Devotional Texts of the Middle Ages: A Bibliographic Manuscript Guide
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Fifty Years of Chinese Philosophy, 1898-1950.
Author: O. Briere
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Hume's Theory of the Understanding
Author: David Hume
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: The Doukhobors of British Columbia
Author: Harry B. Hawthorn
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Pioneer Jesuits in Northern Mexico.
Author: Peter Masten Dunne
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Kabuki Encyclopedia: An English-Language Adaptation of Kabuki Jiten
Author: Samuel L. Leiter
Publisher: Greenwood Pub Group


Title: The History of Music (The History of Civilization)
Author: Cecil Gray
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: The Letters of Samuel Pepys and His Family Circle
Author: Helen Truesdell Heath
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Major Topics on China and Japan: A Handbook for Teachers
Author: Harold C. Hinton
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Advice Among Masters: The Ideal in Slave Management in the Old South (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies)
Author: James O. Breeden
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Estonia
Author: John H. Jackson
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Fellow Workers and Friends: I.W.W. Free-Speech Fights As Told by Participants (Contributions in American History, Number 92)
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: The Primary Language of Poetry in the 1940's
Author: Josephine Miles
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Use of Philosophy: Californian Addresses
Author: John Henry Muirhead
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Letters of Composers: An Anthology 1603-1945
Author: Gertrude Norman
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Income: An Introduction to Economics
Author: Arthur Cecil Pigou
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Shakespeare's Life and Art
Author: Peter Alexander
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Faure
Author: Norman Suckling
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: David Hume
Author: A.H., pseud. Basson
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Fathers to Daughters: The Legal Foundations of Female Emancipation (Contributions in Legal Studies)
Author: Peggy A. Rabkin
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Touching Base: Professional Baseball and American Culture in the Progressive Era (Contributions in American Studies)
Author: Steven A. Riess
Publisher: Greenwood Pub Group


Title: From Rationality to Liberation: The Evolution of Feminist Ideology (Contributions in Political Science)
Author: Judith A. Sabrosky
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: State Constitutional and Statutory Restrictions upon the Structural, Functional, and Personnel Powers of Local Government
Author: By Advisory Commission on Intergrovernmental Relations
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: The Foreign Service of the United States: Origins, Development, and Functions (U.S. Dept. of State. Publication 7050. Department of Foreign Services series)
Author: William Barnes
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Statistical Yearbooks: An Annotated Bibliography of the General Statistical Yearbooks of Major Political Subdivisions of the World
Author: Phyllis G. Carter
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Statistical bulletins: An annotated bibliography of the general statistical bulletins of major political subdivisions of the world
Author: United States
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Standards for Specialized Courts Dealing with Children
Author: United States Children's Bureau
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Women in Gainful Occupations: 1870 to 1920 (U.S. Bureau of Census Monographs)
Author: Joseph Adna Hill
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: The College Presidency 1900-1960:
Author: Walter Crosby and Hollis Eells
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Laws of the United States Concerning Money, Banking and Loans, 1778-1909
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: The American family: A factual background : report of Inter-agency Committee on Background Materials, National Conference on Family Life, May, 1948
Author: United States
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Civil War Maps: An Annotated List of Maps and Atlases in Map Collections of the Library of Congress
Author: Richard W. Stephenson
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Farm Population of the United States: An Analysis of the 1920 Farm Population Figures, Especially in Comparison with Urban Data, Together with a Study ... Factors Affecting the Farm Population
Author: Leon Edgar Truesdale
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Migratory Workers of the Southwest: Migratory Cotton Pickers in Arizona (1939), The Pecan Shellers of San Antonio (1940), and Mexican Migratory Workers of South Texas (1941)
Author: United States. Works Projects Administration
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Culture of Contemporary Rural Communities
Author: Bureau of Agricultural Economics United States Department of Agriculture
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: The Gift of Freedom: A Study of the Economic and Social Status of Wage Earners in the United States
Author: United States
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Subject Index of Bulletins
Author: United States Bureau of Labor Statistics
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Energy R & D and national progress
Author: United States
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Measuring Employment and Unemployment
Author: United States President's Committee to Appraise Employment & Unemployment Statistics
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Measurement of Employment and Unemployment by the Bureau of the Census in Its Current Population Survey
Author: Special Advisory Committee on Employment Statistics United States Department of Commerce
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Puerto Rico: A Survey of Historical, Economic and Political Affairs, 1959
Author: Robert J. Hunter
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: The Antitrust Laws: A Basis for Economic Freedom 85th Congress, 2nd Session
Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Marriage and Divorce, 1916, 1922-1932
Author: Bureau Of The Census United States Department Of Commerce
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Marriage and Divorce, 1867-1906
Author: United States Bureau of the Census
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Pleasures of Peacock: Comprising in Whole or in Part the Seven Novels of Thomas Love Peacock
Author: Thomas Love Peacock
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Introduction to the study of history
Author: Charles Victor Langlois
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Photography Index: A Guide to Reproductions
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: English Poetry of the Mid and Late Eighteenth Century: An Historical Anthology
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Happy Ending: The Collection of Lyrics of Louise Imogen Guiney
Author: Louise Imogen Guiney
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Africans and Creeks: From the Colonial Period to the Civil War (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies)
Author: Daniel F. Littlefield
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Black Journals of the United States (Historical Guides to the World's Periodicals and Newspapers)
Author: Walter C. Daniel
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Colored Minorities in Great Britain: A Comprehensive Bibliography, 1970-1977
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: African American Soldiers in the National Guard: Recruitment and Deployment During Peacetime and War (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies)
Author: Charles Johnson
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Promise and Performance: Choosing and Implementing an Environmental Policy (Contributions in Political Science)
Author: Alfred Allen Marcus
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Why the Vietcong Fought: A Study of Motivation and Control in a Modern Army in Combat (Contributions in Political Science)
Author: William Darryl Henderson
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Countercultural Communes: A Sociological Perspective (Contributions in Sociology)
Author: Gilbert Zicklin
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: Letters
Author: John Chamberlain
Publisher: Greenwood Press


Title: The Higher Learning in America
Author: Robert Maynard Hutchins
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Social Learning and Imitation.
Author: Neal Elgar Miller
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: In the Spirit of William James
Author: Ralph Barton Perry
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Socratic Humanism.
Author: Laszlo Versenyi
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: The Life of Henry Clay.
Author: Glyndon Garlock Van Deusen
Publisher: Greenwood Press Reprint


Title: Dictionary of Irish Literature
Publisher: Greenwood Pub Group


Title: Black Child Development in America 1927-1977: An Annotated Bibliography
Author: Hector F. Myers
Publisher: Greenwood Press