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Title: Army Experiences With Deployment Planning in Operation Desert Shield/Mr-164-A/Osd (Rand Corporation//Rand Report)
Author: James P. Stucker
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: The Independent European Force: Costs of Independence
Author: M Berman
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Investigating Basic Principles of River Dike Improvement: Safety Analysis, Cost Estimation, and Impact Assessment
Author: Warren Walker
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Plutonium for Japan's Nuclear Reactors: Paying Both the Proliferation and Dollar Price to Assure Long-Term Fuel Supply (Rand/Ucla Center for Soviet)
Author: Kenneth A. Solomon
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Route Planning Issues for Low Observable Aircraft and Cruise Missiles: Implications for the Intelligence Community/Mr-187-Af
Author: Myron Hura
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: A Theoretical Systems Analysis of Two-Way Laser Communications With Submarines
Author: Edward Bedrosian
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Evaluation of Champus Reform Initiative. Vol. 3 He
Author: Hosek
Publisher: RAND


Title: Overview of the Total Army Design and Cost System/Mr-195-A (Rand Corporation//Rand Report)
Author: Robert L. Petruschell
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: The Second Malaysian Family Life Survey: Overview and Technical Report/Mr 106-Nichd/Nia
Author: John G. Haaga
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Light Helicopter Trade-off Assessments
Author: Callero
Publisher: RAND


Title: From Eastern Europe to Western China: The Growing Role of Turkey in the World and Its Implications for Western Interests/Mr-221-Af/A
Author: Graham E. Fuller
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: The U.S. Military Role in a Changing Asia : Preparing for the 21st Century : A Documented Briefing(MR185)
Author: Norman D. Levin
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Drug Abuse Treatment System: Prospects for Reform
Author: John G. Haaga
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Distributed Training of Armor Officers (MR-118)
Author: John D. Winkler
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: The Impact of Terrorism on Public Opinion, 1988 to 1989
Author: T Downes-LeGuin
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Security in North Africa: Internal and External Challenges
Author: I. O. Lesser
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Estimating the Army's Intelligence Requirements and Capabilities for 1997-2001: Analytic Support to the Military Intelligence Relook Task Force
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Reserve Supply in the Post-Desert Storm Recruiting Environment/Mr-224-Fmp
Author: Beth J. Asch
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Modeling and forecasting the demand for aircraft recoverable spare parts
Author: John L Adams
Publisher: Rand


Title: A Simple Economic Model of Cocaine Production (Rand Reprint Free Pubn Avail Only from Randc )
Author: Michael Kennedy
Publisher: RAND


Title: Commitment to Purpose: How Alliance Partnership Won the Cold War
Author: R Kugler
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Planning Reserve Mobilization: Inferences from Operation Desert Shield/Mr-123-A
Author: Ronald E. Sortor
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Finding a New Approach to Measure the Operational Value of Intelligence for Military Operations: Annotated Briefing (A Rand Note, N-3551-a)
Author: E. Cesar
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Countering the Proliferation of Chemical Weapons/Mr-207-Usdp
Author: Maurice Eisenstein
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Quantifying the Battlefield: Rand Research at the National Training Center/Mr-105-A
Author: Martin Goldsmith
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Energy Effects of Ending the Department of Defense's Use of Chemicals That Deplete Stratospheric Ozone
Author: Frank A. Camm
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Designing Military Pay: Contributions and Implications of the Economics Literature/Mr-161-Fmp
Author: Beth J. Asch
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Newcomers in American Schools: Meeting the Educational Needs of Immigrant Youth (Program for Research on Immigration Policy/Mr-103-Awm/Prip)
Author: L. M. McDonnell
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Medical Record Abstraction Form and Guidelines for Assessing the Quality of Prenatal Care/Mr-238-Hf
Author: Carol Pindar Roth
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Medical Record Abstraction Form and Guidelines for Assessing the Appropriateness of Hysterectomy/Mr-239-Hf
Author: Marjorie J. Sherwood
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Outpatient institutional rehabilitation services, 1987-1990: Who provides them and how do they compare?
Author: Joan Buchanan
Publisher: Rand


Title: Barriers to Managing Risk in Large Scale Weapons System Development Programs
Author: Thomas Keith Glennan
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Device-Based Training of Armor Crewmen/Mr-119-A (Rand Corporation//Rand Report)
Author: Gary A. Moody
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Game-Based Analyses of Potential Crises in Europe
Author: Eric V. Larson
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Estimating a Research and Development Price Index/Mr-174-Acq (Rand Corporation//Rand Report)
Author: Michael A. Shires
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: An Evolutionary Approach to Space Launch Commercialization/Mr-121-Acq
Author: Brian G. Chow
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Uniform Deterrence of Nuclear First Use/Mr-231-Cc
Author: Robert A. Levine
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Report of a Workshop on Expanding U.S. Air Force Noncombat Mission Capabilities/Mr-246-Af
Author: Carl Builder
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Intelligence Support and Mission Planning for Autonomous Precision-Guided Weapons: Implications for Intelligence Support Plan Development/Mr-230-Af
Author: Myron Hura
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Adjusting physician payment for malpractice risk
Author: Troyen A Brennan
Publisher: Rand


Title: Cataract Surgery: A Literature Review and Ratings of Appropriateness and Cruciality/Jra-06
Author: Paul P. Lee
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: The Wary Warriors: Future Directions in Japanese Security Policies
Author: N Levin
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Estimating aircraft recoverable spares requirements with cannibalization of designated items (Project Air Force)
Author: Donald P Gaver
Publisher: Rand


Title: Access to Cadaveric Kidney Transplantation
Author: Joel Kallich
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Forgotten Ages, Forgotten Problems: Adolescents' Health/Mr-141-Rc
Author: Phyllis L. Ellickson
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Peacekeeping and Peacemaking After the Cold War/Mr-281-Rc
Author: Lynn E. Davis
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: The Implications for the U.S. Army of Demographic Patterns in the Less Developed World: A Documented Briefing/Mr 256-A
Author: Michael T. Childress
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Department of Defense Assistance to the Former Soviet Republics: Potential Applications of Existing Army Capabilities/Mr-245-A
Author: Steedman Hinckley
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Dyna-METRIC Version 6: An advanced capability assessment model
Author: Karen Isaacson
Publisher: Rand


Title: Defining Infants' Race and Ethnicity in a Study of Very Low Birthweight Infants/Mr-191-Ahcpr
Author: Donna O. Farley
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: A New Concept for Streamlining Up-Front Planning/Mr-271-Af
Author: Glenn A. Kent
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Planning Future U.S. Fighter Forces/Mr-285-Af
Author: Kevin N. Lewis
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Economic Transformation and the Changing International Economic Environment/Mr-270-Rgs
Author: Charles Wolf
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Airport growth and safety: A study of the external risks of Schiphol Airport and possible safety-enhancement measures
Publisher: Rand


Title: The Formation and Demographic Environment of the Russian KGB: 1991-1994
Author: Azrael
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Substance Abuse Problems and Programs in Newark: A Needs Assessment for Newark's Fighting Back Initiative
Author: P Ebener
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Medicaid Policy in California, 1980-1987 With Special Reference to Pregnant Women and Infants/Mr-146-Ahcpr
Author: Eve Levine Schenker
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Skill Qualification and Turbulence in the Army National Guard and Army Reserve/Mr-289-Ra
Author: Richard Buddin
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Army's Role in Domestic Disaster Support: An Assessment of Policy Choices
Author: John Y. Schrader
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Military Planning Today: Calculus or Charade?/Mr-293-Af
Author: Carl H. Builder
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: An evaluation of Medicare payments for transfer cases
Author: Grace M Carter
Publisher: Rand


Title: The Redesign of Governance in Higher Education (MR-222)
Author: Roger Benjamin
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: A System Description of the Heroin Trade (MR-234)
Author: Michael Childress
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: A System Description of the Marijuana Trade
Author: M Childress
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Comparing Western European and North American Drug Policies: An International Conference Report/Mr-237-Gmf/Sf
Author: Peter Reuter
Publisher: Rand Drug Policy Research Center


Title: An Analysis of Weapon System Cost Growth/Mr-291-Af (Project Air Force)
Author: Jeffrey A. Drezner
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Analysis of Quality of Care for Patients Who Are Black or Poor in Rural and Urban Settings/Mr-292-Hcfa
Author: Katherine L. Kahn
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Data and Data Processing Issues in the Estimation of Requirements for Aircraft Recoverable Spares and Depot Repair/Mr-264-Af
Author: John B. Abell
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: The nuclear Asymptote: On Containing Nuclear Proliferation
Author: Roger C Molander
Publisher: Rand/ucla center for Soviet Studies


Title: Using Value to Manage Repair Parts: A Documented Briefing/Mr-311-A/Usn
Author: Marygail K. Brauner
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: The Civil Reserve Air Fleet and Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm: Issues for the Future
Author: Mary E. Chenoweth
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: The U.S.-Japan Security Relationship After the Cold War
Author: F. Fukuyama
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Evaluation Framework for Unified Command Plans: A Documented Briefing
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: When Internal Transfer Prices and Costs Differ: How Stock Funding of Depot-Level Reparables Affects Decision Making in the Air Force
Author: Frank Camm
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Sexual Orientation and U.S. Military Personnel Policy: Options and Assessment
Author: National Defense Research Institute
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Defense Planning for the Post-War Era: Giving Meaning to Flexibility, Adaptiveness, and Robustness of Capability
Author: P Davis
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Models and algorithms for repair parts investment and management
Author: James S Hodges
Publisher: Rand


Title: Operational Issues for Gps-Aided Precision Guided Weapons
Author: Gerald Frost
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Reconstituting a Production Capability: Past Experience, Restart Criteria, and Suggested Policies
Author: J. L. Birkler
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Federal Policy Options for Improving the Education of Low-Income Students, Volume 1: Countering Inequality in School Finance
Author: Iris C. Rotberg
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Macroeconomic Strategy for the 1990s: Getting the Long Run Right
Author: R Levine
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Product Liability and the Economics of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices (Rand Corporation//Rand Report)
Author: S Garber
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Role of the Job Counselor in the Military Enlistment Process/MR-315
Author: Beth J. Asch
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery and Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty: Ratings of Appropriateness and Necessity by a Canadian Pane
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Coronary Angiography: Ratings of Appropriateness and Necessity by a Canadian Panel
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: How Do Education and Training Affect a Country's Economic Performance?: A Literature Survey
Author: R Sturm
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Computer-Based Training of Cannon Fire Direction Specialists/Mr-120-A (Rand Corporation//Rand Report)
Author: Hilary Farris
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Federal Policy Options for Improving the Education of Low-Income Students: Volume II: Volume II Commentaries
Author: I Rotberg
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Using the appropriateness method in clinical practice guideline development
Author: Paul G Shekelle
Publisher: Rand


Title: The Day After... Study: Nuclear Proliferation in the Post-Cold War World
Author: Marc Dean Millot
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Policy Options for Army Involvement in Youth Development/Mr-352-A
Author: Elizabeth Heneghan Ondaatje
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Strategies to tasks: A framework for linking means and ends
Author: David E Thaler
Publisher: Rand


Title: The Effectiveness of U.S. Training Efforts in Internal Defense and Development: The Cases of El Salvador and Honduras
Author: M Childress
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Airport Growth and Safety: Executive Summary of the Schiphol Project
Author: R Hillestad
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: A decision modeling perspective on U.S.-Cuba relations
Author: John Arquilla
Publisher: Rand


Title: Fairness: The Scylla and Charybdis of U.S.-Japan Relations
Author: R Benjamin
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: California's 1991 Drought Water Bank: Economic Impacts in the Selling Regions
Author: Lloyd S. Dixon
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Limiting the Spread of Weapon-Usable Fissile Materials
Author: B Chow
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Private Dispute Resolution in the Banking Industry
Author: Erik Moller
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Private Sector Cleanup Expenditures and Transactions Costs at 18 Superfund Sites
Author: Lloyd Dixon
Publisher: RAND Corporation