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Title: More Than 25 Million Acres?: DoD As a Federal, Natural, and Cultural Resource Manager
Author: D Rubenson
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Projecting California's Fiscal Future
Author: Stephen J. Carroll
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Enlisted Personnel Trends in the Selected Reserve, 1986-1994: Executive Summary: An Executive Summary
Author: Sheila Kirby
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Enlisted Personnel Trends in the Selected Reserve, 1986-1994
Author: Richard Buddin
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Performance Assessments in Science: Hands-on Tasks and Scoring Guides
Author: Brian M. Stecher
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Workplace Skills in Practice: Case Studies of Technical Work
Author: Cathleen Stasz
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Lessons From New American Schools Development Corporation's Demonstration Phase
Author: Susan Bodilly
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Casualties and Consensus: The Historical Role of Casualties in Domestic Support for U.S. Military Operations
Author: Eric V. Larson
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Fostering the Use of Educational Technology: Elements of a National Strategy
Author: T. K. Glennan
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Strategic Exposure: Proliferation Around the Mediterranean
Author: Ian O. Lesser
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Cuba: Clearing Perilous Waters? ((Mr-673-Osd Ser.))
Author: Edward Gonzalez
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Cost of School-Based Educational Technology Programs
Author: Brent Keltner
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Estimation and Prediction of Ballistic Missile Trajectories
Author: Jeffrey Isaacson
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Assessing the Performance of the Army Reserve Components School System
Author: J Winkler
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Multipoint Aerial Refueling: A Review and Assessment
Author: Paul S Killingsworth
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Postmobilization Training Resource Requirements: Army National Guard Heavy Enhanced Brigades
Author: Thomas Lipiatt
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Effects of Changing the Staffing in Military Treatment Facilities
Author: Jacob Klerman
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Immigration and Higher Education: Institutional Responses to Changing Demographics
Author: Maryann Jacobi Gray
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Future of Public Undergraduate Education in California (Higher Education for the 21st Century)
Author: Michael A. Shires
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Mediterranean Security, New Issues and Challenges: Conference Proceedings
Author: Stephen F. Larrabee
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Groundwater Recharge with Reclaimed Water: An Epidemiologic Assessment in Los Angeles County,1987-1991
Author: Elizabeth M. Sloss
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: A Framework for Precision Conventional Strike in Post-Cold War Military Strategy
Author: J Birkler
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Algeria: The Next Fundamentalist State?
Author: Nichols / Seloc
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Expanding Private Production of Defense Services
Author: F Camm
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Enhancing Airpower's Contribution Against Light Infantry Targets
Author: Alan Vick
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Mixed Economic Progress of Immigrants
Author: Robert F. Schoeni
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: California's Ozone-Reduction Strategy for Light-Duty Vehicles, Volume II: An Economic Assessment (The Environment and the Civil Justice System)
Author: Lloyd S. Dixon
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: California's Ozone Reduction Strategy for Light-Duty Vehicles: Volume I: Direct Costs, Direct Emmission Effects, and Market Responses
Author: Lloyd Dixon
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Mutual Interference in Fast-Frequency-Hopped, Multiple-Frequency-Shift-keyed, Spread-Spectrum Systems
Author: Edward Bedrosian
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: New Estimates of the Effect of Kassebaum-Kennedy's Group-to-Individual Conversion Provision on Premiums for Individual Health Insurance
Author: Jacob Alex Klerman
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Understanding and Reducing the Costs of FORSCOM Installations
Author: J Bolten
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Soldiers for Peace: An Operational Typology
Author: Bruce R. Pirnie
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: An Objectives-Based Approach to Military Campaign Analysis
Author: B. Pirnie
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Issues in Building an Indicator System for Mathematics and Science Education
Author: Brian M. Stecher
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: How Immigrants Fare in U.S. Education
Author: Georges Vernez
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Readiness Enhancement Model: A Personnel Inventory Projection Model of the Army's Reserve Components
Author: H Shukiar
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Not With a Bang but a Whimper: Western Europe Approaches the Third Millennium
Author: Robert A. Levine
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Arms Proliferation Policy: Support to the Presidential Advisory Board
Author: Marcy Agmon
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Application of F-117 Acquisition Strategy to Other Programs in the New Acquisition Environment
Author: Giles Smith
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Operation Just Cause: Lessons for Operations Other Than War
Author: Jennifer M. Taw
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Next-Generation Attack Fighter: Design Tradeoffs and National System Concepts
Author: D Raymer
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Social security: Equity, adequacy, reforms (Documented briefing)
Author: Constantijn W. A Panis
Publisher: Rand


Title: Army Civilians and Contractor Employees: Improving the Efficacy of Their Participation in Contingency Operations
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Public Receipts in the United States: 1952-1994
Author: John Dawson
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Understanding the Air Force's Capability to Effectively Apply Advanced Distributed Simulation for Analysis: An Interim Report
Author: Robert Kerchner
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The New Fiscal Federalism and the Social Safety Net: A View from California
Author: James Hosek
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Soldiers for Peace: Critical Operational Issues
Author: Bruce R. Pirnie
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Army Medical Support for Peace Operations and Humanitarian Assistance
Author: Lois M. Davis
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Advent of Netwar
Author: J Arquilla
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Virtual Combat Air Staff: The Promise of Information Technologies
Author: A Huber
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Data Quality Problems in Army Logistics: Classification, Examples, and Solutions
Author: Lionel Galway
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Freight Options for Road, Water, and Rail for the Dutch: Executive Summary
Author: Richard Hillestad
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Appropriateness of Spinal Manipulation and Mobilization of the Cervical Spine
Author: I Coulter
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: An Overview and Comparison of Demand Assignment Multiple Access (DAMA) Concepts for Satellite Communications Networks (Rand Corporation//Rand Monograph Report)
Author: P Feldman
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Government Contracting Options: A Model and Application
Author: E Keating
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Shaping and Integrating the Next Military
Author: P Bracken
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Material Distribution: Improving Support to Army Operations in Peace and War
Author: Nancy Moore
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Combat in Hell: A Consideration of Constrained Urban Warfare
Author: Russell W. Glenn
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Russia's Air Power at the Crossroads
Author: B Lambeth
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Rapid Force Projection: Exploring New Technology Concepts for Light Airborne Forces (Documented Briefing (Rand Corporation))
Author: Randall Steeb
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: New Tools for Balancing Theater Combat and Support (Documented Briefing)
Author: David Kassing
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Emerging Markets of the Information Age: A Case Study in Remote Sensing Data and Technology
Author: C Gabbard
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Fiscal and Demographic Environment of the California State University at Northridge (Documented Briefing (Rand Corporation))
Author: S Carroll
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: A Composite Approach to Air Force Mid- and Long-Term Planning (Rand Corporation//Rand Monograph Report)
Author: Paul Davis
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Airborne Intercept Boost- and Ascent-Phase Options and Issues
Author: David Vaughan
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Perceived Effects of the Kentucky Instructional Results Information System (KIRIS)
Author: D Koretz
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Three Programs and Ten Criteria: Evaluating and Improving Acquisition Program Management and Oversight Processes Within the Department of Defense
Author: R Johnson
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Clock, Correlators, and Inertial Measurement Unit Technology for Spread-Spectrum Communications
Author: Joseph M. Aein
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Modeling for Campaign Analysis: Lessons for the Next Generation of Models--Executive Summary
Author: Richard Hillestad
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: An Inventory of Transport Safety Information in the Netherlands
Author: James Kahan
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Reforming and Conforming: NASDC Principals Discuss School Accountability Systems
Author: Karen J. Mitchell
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Iran's Destabilizing Potential in the Persian Gulf
Author: Graham E. Fuller
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Sustaining Innovation in South Gate: A Framework for Restructuring City Government
Author: Brent Keltner
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Enlisted Personnel Management: A Historical Perspective
Author: Sheila Kirby
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Health Care in Transition: Technology Assessment in the Private Sector (Rand Corporation//Rand Monograph Report)
Author: Scala Publishers
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Guidelines for Preparing Briefings
Author: RAND
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Russia's Demographic Crisis (Conference Proceedings (Rand Corporation).)
Author: J DaVanzo
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Warrior Who Would Rule Russia: A Profile of Aleksandr Lebed
Author: Benjamin S. Lambeth
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Considerations in Balancing Land-And Sea-Based Air Forces
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Command Concepts: A Theory Derived From The Practice Of Command and Control
Author: Carl H. Builder
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Reserve Component Linguist in Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations (Baldwin's Ohio Handbook Series)
Author: Ronald E Sortor
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Day After...In Cyberspace: An Exploration of Cyberspace Security R&D Investment Strategies for DARPA (Rand Corporation//Rand Monograph Report)
Author: Robert Anderson
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentences: Throwing Away the Key or the Taxpayers' Money?
Author: Southwater
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Evolution of the Air Campaign Planning Process and the Contingency Theater Automated Planning System (CTAPS)
Author: D Gonzales
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Implementation of the Civil Justice Reform Act in Pilot and Comparison Districts
Author: J. S. Kakalik
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Strategic Appraisal 1997: Strategy and Defense Planning for the 21st Century
Author: Scala Publishers
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Pace-Forward: Policy Analytic and Computational Environment for Dutch Freight Transport
Author: Manuel Carrillo
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Relating Resources to Personnel Readiness: Use of Army Strength Management Models
Author: John Schank
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Establishing a Baseline and Reporting Performance for the Order and Ship Processes (Documented Briefing)
Author: Kenneth Girardini
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Economic Development and Migration in Southern Europe and the Maghreb (Conference Proceedings)
Author: Oudnearen
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Military Recruiting Outlook: Recent Trends in Enlistment Propensity and Conversion of Potential Enlisted Supply
Author: Bruce Orvis
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Evaluation of a Medicaid-Eligibility Expansion in Florida: Developing the Database
Author: E Harrison
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Reforming the Military Retirement System
Author: Beth Asch
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: A Policymaker's Guide to Accrual Funding of Military Retirement
Author: William Hix
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Theater-Level Campaign Model: A Research Prototype for a New Generation of Combat Analysis Model
Author: R Hillestad
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Cooperation and Conflict in the Former Soviet Union: Implications for Migration
Author: Jeremy R Azrael
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Drought Management Policies and Economic Effects in Urban Areas of California, 1987-1992
Author: L. Dixon
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: U.S. and Russian Policymaking with Respect to the Use of Force
Author: J R Azrael
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Implications of the Possible End of the Arab-Israeli Conflict to Gulf Security
Author: Zalmay M. Khalilzard
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Security in Cyberspace: Challenges for Society: Proceedings of an International Conference
Author: Richard Hundley
Publisher: RAND Corporation