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Title: Marine Corps Sourcing Competitions: Historical Performance and Direction for Improvement (Documented Briefing (Rand Corporation))
Author: Nancy Y. Moore
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) Analysis: A Retrospective Look at Joint Staff Participation (Rand Documented Briefing Series)
Author: John Y Schrader
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Using Process Redesign to Improve DoD's Enviromental Security Program: Remediation Program Management (Rand Corporation//Rand Monograph Report)
Author: J.A. Drezner
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: A Seminar Game to Analyze Regional Governance Options for Portugal
Author: James P Kahan
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Lean Logistics: High-Velocity Logistics Infrastructure and the C-5 Galaxy
Author: Tim Ramey
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Emergence of Noopolitik: Toward an American Information Strategy (1999) (Rand Corporation//Rand Monograph Report)
Author: J. Arquilla
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Educational Benefits and Officer-Commissioning Opportunities Available to U.S. Military Service Members (Rand Corporation//Rand Monograph Report)
Author: Michael Thirtle
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Airbase Vulnerability to Conventional Cruise-Missile and Ballistic-Missile Attacks: Technology, Scenarios, and USAF Responses
Author: John Stillion
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Data Policy Issues and Barriers to Using Commercial Resources for Mission to Planet Earth (Church Advisory Series)
Author: Scott Pace
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Attracting College-Bound Youth into the Military: Toward the Development of New Recruiting Policy Options
Author: Beth J. Asch
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: What Are Asymmetric Strategies? (Concert Performer)
Author: Bruce W Bennett
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: How Does Congress Approach Family Planning Issues?: Results of Qualitative Interviews with Legislative Directors
Author: Sally Patterson
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Accrual Method For Funding Military Retirement: Assessment and Recommended Changes (2001)
Author: Richard Eisenman
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Enlistment Decisions in the 1990s: Evidence from Individual-Level Data (Rand Corporation//Rand Monograph Report)
Author: M. Kilburn
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Past Revolutions, Future Transformations: What Can the History of Military Revolutions in Military Affairs Tell Us About Transforming the U.S. Military?
Author: Richard O Hundley
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Total Army School System: Recommendations For Future Policy
Author: John D. Winkler
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Training Requirements And Training Delivery In The Total Army School System
Author: John D. Winkler
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Use of Microworld Simulations to Train Theater-Level CSS Staffs: Training Development Considerations (Documented Briefing)
Author: Emile Ettedgui
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Securing U.S. Defense Information Infrastructure: A Proposed Approach
Author: R.H. Anderson
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Joint Operations Superiority In The 21st Century: Analytic Support To The 1998 Defense Science Board (Rand Documented Briefing Series)
Author: John Matsumura
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The People's Liberation Army in the Information Age (Conference Proceedings (Rand Corporation).)
Author: James C. Mulvenon
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Innovative Management in the DARPA High Altitude Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Program: Phase 11 Experience
Author: Jeffrey A. Drezner
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Preparing for Korean Unification: Scenarios and Implications
Author: Jonathan D. Pollack
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Welfare Reform in California: Results of the 1998 ALL-County Implementation Survey
Author: Patricia A Ebener
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Welfare reform in California
Publisher: Rand


Title: Rapid Force Projection Technologies: Assessing the Performance of Advanced Ground Sensors (His the BBC TV Shakespeare)
Author: John Matsumura
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Combining Service and Learning in Higher Education: Evaluation of the Learn and Serve America, Higher Education Program
Author: Maryann J. Gray
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Political Violence and Stability in The States Of The Northern Persian Gulf (1999)
Author: Daniel L. Byman
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Economic Costs and Implications of High-Technology Hardware Theft
Author: James N Dertouzos
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Technology Forces at Work: Profiles of Enviromental Research and Development at DuPont, Intel, Monsanto, and Xerox
Author: Susan Resetar
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: An Evaluation of Housing Options for Military Families
Author: Richard Buddin
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Defining a Common Planning Framework for the Air Force
Author: Leslie Lewis
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Chinese Policy Toward Russia and The Central Asian Republics
Author: Mark Burles
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: ...We Band of Brothers: The Call for Joint Urban Operations Doctrine (Documented Briefing)
Author: Russell W Glenn
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Does The Army Have A National Land Use Strategy?
Author: David Rubenson
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: POLSSS-Policy of Sea Shipping Safety: Executive Summary (Rand Mr Series)
Author: RAND
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Financial Management Problems Among Enlisted Personnel: 1999 (Documented Briefing Series)
Author: Peter Tiemeyer
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Planning America's Security: Lessons from the NAtional Defense Panel
Author: John Tedstrom
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Economic Openess: Many Facets, Many Metrics
Author: Charles Wolf Jr.
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: How Youthful Offenders Perceive Gun Violence (Documented Briefing)
Author: Julie H. Goldberg
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: CVX Propulsion System Decision: Industrial Base Implications of Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Options (RAND Documented Briefing Series)
Author: John Schank
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Rand Forum on Cuba (Conference Proceedings)
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Military Compensation: Trends and Policy Options (Documented Briefing (Rand Corporation))
Author: B.J. Asch
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Air Power As A Coercive Instrument
Author: Daniel Byman
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: A Description of U.S. Enlisted Personnel Promotion Systems
Author: Stephanie Williamson
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Defense Working Capital Fund Pricing Policies: Insights from the Defense Finance and Accounting Services
Author: Edward G. Keating
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Allocating Scholarships for Army Rotc
Author: Charles A. Goldman
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Increasing a Sense of Community in the Military: The role of Personnel Support Programs
Author: Collette van Laar
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Closing the Education Gap: Benefits and Costs
Author: Georges Vernez
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Analytical Methods for Studies and Experiments on Transforming the Force (Educational Series)
Author: Paul K. Davis
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Nato and Caspian Security: A Mission Too Far [1999]
Author: Richard Sokolsky
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The United States and a Rising China: Strategic and Military Implications (1999)
Author: Zalmay M. Khalizad
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: An Assessment of Technical Issues Raised in R.W. Haley's Critique of Three Studies of Health Effects of the Gulf War
Author: Gus Haggstrom
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Barriers to Minority Participation in Special Operations (MR-1042)
Author: Margaret C Harrell
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Sending Your Government a Message: E-Mail Communications Between Citizens and Governments
Author: C. Richard Neu
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Global Science & Technology Information: A Mew Spin on Access
Author: Caroline S. Wagner
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Changing Bureaucratic Behavior: Acquisition Reform in the United States Army
Author: Conrad Schmidt
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Combining Service and Learning in Higher Education, Summary Edition
Author: M. J. Gray
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Shape of Korea's Future: South Korean Attitudes Toward Unification and Long-Term Security Issues (1999)
Author: Norman D. Levin
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Staffing At-Risk Districts in Texas: Problems and Prospects
Author: Sheila Kirby
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Assessing the Progress of New American Schools: A Status Report
Author: Mark Berends
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Principles For Determining The Air Force Active/Reserve Mix
Author: Albert A. Robbert
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Supporting The Expeditionary Aerospace Force: An Integrated Strategic Agile Comat Support Planning Framework
Author: Robert S. Tripp
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Welfare Reform in California: Appendix Results:0
Author: Ebener
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Rhetoric Versus Reality: What We Know and What We Need to Know About Vouchers and Charter Schools
Author: Brian P. Gill
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: A Handbook of Human Tissue Sources: A National Resource of Human Tissue Samples
Author: Elisa Eiseman
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Interpreting China's Grand Strategy: Past, Present, and Future (Project Air Force Report,)
Author: Michael D. Swaine
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: U.S. Government Funding of Cooperative Research and Development in North America
Author: Caroline Wagner
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Strategic Resource Exercise for the Army After Next
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Groundwater Recharge with Reclaimed Water: Birth outcomes in Los Angeles County 1982-1993
Author: Elizabeth M. Sloss
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: A Casebook Of Alternative Governance Structures And Organizational Forms
Author: Michael Hynes
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Interagency And International Assignments And Officer Career Management
Author: Harry J. Thie
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Velocity Management: The Business Paradigm that has Transformed U.S. Army Logistics
Author: John Dumond
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Nato's New Strategic Concept And Peripheral Contingencies: The Middle East (Documented Briefing)
Author: Shahram Chubin
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: China's Arms Sales: Motivations And Implications
Author: Daniel Byman
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Flexbasing: Achieving Global Presence For Expeditionary Aerospace Forces
Author: Paul Killingsworth
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Citizens, Computers, And Connectivity: A Review Of Trends
Author: Tora K. Bikson
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Swarming On The Battlefield: Past, Present, And Future
Author: Sean J.A. Edwards
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Security Dynamics of Demographic Factors
Author: Brian Nichiporuk
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: India's Emerging Nuclear Posture: Between Recessed Deterrent and Ready Arsenal
Author: Ashley J. Tellis
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Army After Next: Exploring New Concepts and Technologies for the Light Battle Force (Documented Briefing)
Author: John Matsumura
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Changing Quality of Stability in Europe: The Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty Toward 2001
Author: John E. Peters
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Effects Of A Choice Automobile Insurance Plan On Insurance Costs And Compensation: An Analysis Based On 1997 Data
Author: Stephen J. Carroll
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Accelerated Logistics: Streamlining the Army's Supply Chain
Author: Mark Wang
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Implementing High School JROTC Career Academics
Author: Lawrence M. Hanser
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Art of Darkness: Deception and Urban Operations
Author: Scott Gerwehr
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Strategic Sourcing: Measuring And Managing Performance (Documented Briefing)
Author: Laura H. Baldwin
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Needs and Prospects for Crime-Fighting Technology: The Federal Role in Assisting State and Local Law Enforcement
Author: William Schwabe
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Forecasting the Effects of Army XXI Design Upon Multinational Force Compatibility (Documented Briefing)
Author: Brian Nichiporuk
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Class Action Dilemmas: Pursuing Public Goals for Private Gain, Executive Summary
Author: Deborah R. Hensler
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Measuring National Power in the Post-Industrial Age
Author: Ashley J Tellis
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Army and Multinational Force Compatibility
Author: Michele Zanini
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Taiwan's National Security Defense Policy and Weapons Procurement Process (Review of the Scientific Literature as It Pertains to Gulf War Illnesses)
Author: Michael D. Swaine
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: cheaper, Faster, Better: Commerical Approaches to Weapons Acquisiton
Author: Mark A. Lorell
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Ground Forces for a Rapidly Employabel Joint Task Force: First-Week Capabilities for Short-Warning Conflicts
Author: Eugene C Gritton
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Taiwans National Security, Defense Policy and Weapons Procurement Processes
Author: Michael D. Swaine
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Research and development initiatives focused on preventing, detecting, and responding to insider misuse of critical defense information systems: Results ... three-day workshop (Conference proceedings)
Author: Robert H Anderson
Publisher: Rand


Title: Supporting Expeditionary Aerospace Forces: New Agile Combat Support Postures
Author: Lionel A. Galway
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: An Acquisition Strategy, Process, and Organization for Innovative Systems
Author: John Birkler
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Patterns in China's Use of Force: Evidence from History and Doctrinal Writings
Author: Mark Burles
Publisher: RAND Corporation