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Over 6 million ISBNs and ISBN barcodes are listed. The ISBN format was created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISBNs are 10 or 13 digit numbers that uniquely identify a book by its title, publisher, and format. ISBN bar codes are just a bar code display of the ISBN number. ISBNs were introduced in 1970 and were originally 10 digit numbers. In 2007, ISBN numbers changed to 13 digit numbers so the system wouldn't run out of ISBN numbers to assign. The ISBN number is typically found on the back cover of the book along with the ISBN barcode that represents that number. The ISBN number can also typically be found on one of the first few pages of the book where the publisher and copyright information is listed.

Each edition of a book and each format of a book has a different ISBN number. This is very useful when searching for the softcover edition or the hardcover edition of a book. It is also useful for college students searching for the correct edition of a college textbook for their university class.

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Title: Japan and Ballistic Missile Defense
Author: Michael Swaine
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Effect of No-Fault Automobile Insurance on Driver Behavior and Automobile Accidents in the United States 2001
Author: David S. Loughran
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Measuring the Capacity of Military Installations
Author: Katharine W. Webb
Publisher: RAND


Title: Military Airframe Acquisition Costs: The Effects of Lean Manufacturing
Author: Cynthia R. Cook
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Defense Planning in a Decade of Change: Lessons from the Base Force, Bottom-Up Review, and Quadrennial Defense Review
Author: Eric Larson
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Goal: To Double the Rate of Hispanics Earning a Bachelor's Degree
Author: Geroges Vernez
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Exploring Advanced Technologies for the Future Combat Systems Program
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Operations Against Enemy Leaders
Author: Stephenr Hosmer
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Applicability Alternative
Author: RAND Corporation
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Networks and Netwars: The Future of Terror, Crime, and Militancy
Author: John Arquilla
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Summary of Federal Construction, Building, and Housing Related Research & Development in FY1999
Author: Scott Hassell
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Directions for Cost and Outcome Analysis of Starting Early Starting Smart: Summary of a Cost Expert Meeting (Global Spirit Library)
Author: Jill Cannon
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Self-Reported Behavior and Attitudes of Enrollees in Capitated and Fee-for-Service Dental Benefit Plans
Author: Ian Coulter
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Effects of Third-Party Bad Faith Doctrine on Automobile Insurance Costs and Compensation 2001
Author: Angela Hawken
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Challenges and Choices for Crime-Fighting Technology: Federal Support of State and Local Law Enforcement (2001)
Author: William Schwabe
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Military Airframe Costs: The Effects of Advances Materials and Manufacturing Processes
Author: Obaid Younossi
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Strategic and Performance Planning for the Office of the Chancellor for Educational and Professional Development
Author: Dina G Levy
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: European Contributions to Operation Allied Force: Implications for Transatlantic Cooperation (Project Air Force Series on Operation Allied Force)
Author: John Peters
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Welfare Reform in California: Early Results from the Impact Analysis (2003)
Author: Jacob Alex Klerman
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Army Distance Learning and Personnel Readiness
Author: John D Winkler
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Performing Arts in a New Era
Author: Kevin F. McCarthy
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Greece's New Geopolitics
Author: Ian Lesser
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Closing and Reuse of the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard
Author: Ron Hess
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Australian Foreign and Defense Policy in the Wake of the 1999/2000 East Timor Intervention
Author: Peter Chalk
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: A Concept of Operations for a New Deep-Diving Submarine
Author: F W Lacroix
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Welfare Reform in California, Executive Summary: Early Results from the Impact Analysis, (2003)
Author: Jacob Alex Klerman
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates
Author: RAND Corporation
Publisher: American Book Publishers


Title: Assessing the Value of Information Superiority for Ground Forces - Proof of Concept (Documented briefing / Rand Corporation)
Author: Dan Gonzales
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Performance-Based Contracting in the Air Force: A Report on Experiences in the Field
Author: John Ausnik
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: NATO's Air War for Kosovo: A Strategic and Operational Assessment (Project Air Force Series on Operation Allied Force)
Author: Benjamin S. Lambeth
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Aerospace Operations Against Elusive Ground Targets
Author: Alan Vick
Publisher: Rand


Title: Trends In Outside Support For Insurgent Movements
Author: Daniel L. Byman
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Seeking Nontraditional Approaches to Collaborating and Partnering with Industry
Author: Bruce Held
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: E-Vision 2000, Key Issues That Will Shape Our Energy Future: Summary of Proceedings, Scenario Analysis, Expert Elicitation, and Submitted Papers
Author: RAND Corporation
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: California's Vulnerability to Terrorism
Author: K.Jack Riley
Publisher: RAND


Title: The Emergence of Peer Competitors: A Framework for Analysis
Author: Thomas S Szayna
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Wage Growth in the Civilian Careers of Military Retirees
Author: David Loughran
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Turkish Society and Foreign Policy in Trouble Times (Conference Proceedings (Rand Corporation), 171.)
Author: Shahram Chubin
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Implementation in a Longitudinal Sample of New American Schools: Four Years into Scale-Up
Author: Sheila N. Kirby
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: A Report on the Army Transformation Wargame 2000
Author: Walter Perry
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Options for Managing the Army's Arsenals and Ammunition Plants
Author: W.Michael Hix
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: E-Vision 2000: Key Issues That Will Shape Our Energy Future: Analysis and Papers Prepared for the E-Vision 2000 Conference
Author: RAND Corporation
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: An Analysis of the Veterans Equitable Resource Allocation (VERA) System
Author: Jeffrey Wasserman
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Demography and Security: Proceedings of a Workshop, Paris, France, November 2000 (Conference Proceedings (Rand Corporation).)
Author: Laurent Murawiec
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Private Giving to Public Schools and Districts in Los Angeles County: A Pilot Study 2001
Author: Ron Zimmer
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Deployments and Army Personnel Tempo
Author: Ronald E. Sortor
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Advanced SEAL Delivery System: Perspectives and Options
Author: Mark V Arena
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Service Responses to the Emergence of Joint Decisionmaking
Author: Leslie Lewis
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: European Military Prospects, Economic Constraints, and the Rapid Reaction Force (2001)
Author: Charles Wolf
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Special Operations Forces and Enemy Ground Targets: Lessons from Vietnam and the Persian Gulf War
Author: William Rosenau
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Accountability for After-School Care: Devising Standards and Measuring Adherence to Them
Author: Megan Beckett
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Changes in High School Grading Standards in Mathematics, 1982-1992
Author: Dan Koretz
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: An Overview of Trends in Civil Jury Verdicts, 1995-1999
Author: Nicholas M. Pace
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Assessing Need for Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Among the California Household Population
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: From Celluliod to Cyberspace: The Media Arts and the Changing Arts World
Author: Kevin F. McCarthy
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Comparing Compensation Adequacy: Workers' Compensation Permanent Disability Benefits in Five States
Author: Robert T. Reville
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Asbestos Litigation: Costs and Compensation
Author: Stephen J. Carroll
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Trends in Earnings Loss from Disabling Workplace Injuries in California: The Role of Economic Conditions
Author: Robert T Reville
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Lessons from Uncertainty: Assembling Crime Prevention Strategies from Cost-Effectiveness Estimates
Author: Jonathan P. Caulkins
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: School-Based Drug Prevention: What Kind of Drugs USe does it Prevent?
Author: Jonathan P. Caulkins
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The People's Court: The Adjudication of Disputes Before the California Workers' Compensation Appeals Board
Author: Ernest C. Friensen
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Outpatient Care: A Conceptual Framework and a Form for Structured Implicit Review
Author: Michael S Broder
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: An Evaluation of New Mexico Workers Compensation Permanent Partial Disability And Return To Work 2001
Author: Robert T. Reville
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Return to Work in California Workers' Compensation
Author: Niklas Krause
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Effects of an Expanded Choice Automobile Insurance Plan on Insurance Costs and Compensation
Author: Angela Hawken
Publisher: RAND


Title: Changes in the Standards for Admitting Expert Evidence in Federal Civil Cases Since the Daubert Decision
Author: Lloyd Dixon
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Merging University Students into K-12 Science Education Reform
Author: Valerie Williams
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: A Review of Recent Advances in Knowledge About Methadone Maintenance Treatment
Author: Ineke van Beusekom
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Status of Gender Integration in the Military: Analysis of Selected Occupations
Author: Margaret C. Harrel
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Taiwan: Foreign and Defense Policymaking (2001)
Author: Michael Swaine
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Assessing Russia's Decline: Trends and Implications for the United States Air Force
Author: Olga Oliker
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Disjointed War: Military Operations in Kosovo, 1999
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Emerging US Defense Strategy
Author: David C. Gompert
Publisher: Rand


Title: Allocating Labor Cost Sharing Resources Within U.S. Forces, Japan 2001
Author: C R Neu
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Limited Conflict Under the Nuclear Umbrella: Indian and Pakistani Lessons from the Kargil Crisis (2001)
Author: Arthur J Tellis
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Supporting Expeditionary Aerospace Forces: Alternative Options for Jet Engine Intermediate Maintenance
Author: Mahyar A. Amouzegar
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Finding the Right Balance: Simulator and Live Training for Navy Units
Author: John F. Schank
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Reading for Understanding: Toward an R & D Program in Reading Comprehension
Author: Catherine Snow
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Industrial Materials for the Future: R&D Priorities (2002) (Documented briefing)
Author: Richard Silberglitt
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Measuring Capabilities in the Presence of Anti-Access Strategies: Exploratory Analysis to Inform Adaptive Strategy for the Persian Gulf
Author: Paul K. Davis
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Effects-Based Operations (EBO): A Grand Challenge for the Analytical Community
Author: Paul K Davis
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Elasticity of Demand for Health Care: A Review of the Literature and Its Application to the Military Health System
Author: Jeanne S. Ringel
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Conducting Research Surveys Via E-Mail and The Web
Author: Matthias Schonlau
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Innovative Development Executive Summary--Global Hawk and DarkStar: Their Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration Program Experience, Executive Summary (2002)
Author: Jeffrey A Drezner
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Innovative Development: Global Hawk and DarkStar in the HAE UAV ACTD--Program Description and Comparative Analysis (Innovative Development 1)
Author: Robert S. Leonard
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Innovative Development: Global Hawk and DarkStar--Flight Test in the HAE UAV ACTD Program (2001)
Author: Jeffrey A Drezner
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Innovative Development: Global Hawk and DarkStar- Transitions Within and Out of the HAE UAV ACTD Program (2002)
Author: Jeffrey A Drezner
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Diagnosing the ARmy's Equipment Readiness: THe Equipment Downtime Analyzer
Author: Eric Peltz
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Challenges of Conflicting School Reforms: Effects of New American Schools in a High-Poverty District 2002
Author: Mark Berends
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: European Security and Defense Policy: NATO's Companion or Competitor?
Author: Robert E. Hunter
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: U.S. Commercial Remote Sensing Satellite Industry: An Analysis of Risks
Author: Kevin M. O'Connell
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Evidence Based Care Models for Recognizing and Treating Alcohol Problems in Primary Care Settings
Author: Katherine Watkins
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Exploration of Selection Bias Issues for the DoD Federal Employees Benefits Program Demonstration (2002)
Author: Donna O Farley
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: An Economic Framework for Evaluating Military Aircraft Replacement
Author: Victoria A. Greenfield
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Examining the Cost of Military Child Care
Author: Gail L Zellman
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Pharmaceutical Technology Assessment for Managed Care: Current Practice and Suggestions for Improvement (2001)
Author: Samuel A. Bozzette
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Analytics of Third-Party Claim Recovery for Military Aircraft Engine
Author: John E. Peters
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Supporting Expeditionary Aerospace Forces: Forward Support Location Options
Author: Tom LaTourrette
Publisher: RAND


Title: Assessing the Use of Other Transactions Authority for Prototype Projects (2002)
Author: Giles Smith
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Future of Info Rev in Europe
Author: Diane O. Larsen-Freeman
Publisher: RAND Corporation