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Title: Keeping The Warfighting Edge: An Empirical Analysis of Army Officers' Tactical Expertise
Author: Maren Leed
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Enhancing Dynamic Command and Control of Air Operations Against Time Critical Targets (2002)
Author: Myron Hura
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Setting Requirements for USAF Maintenance Manpower: A Review of Methodology
Author: Carl J Dahlman
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Facing the Challenges of Whole-School Reform: New American Schools After a Decade (2002)
Author: Mark Berends
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Intelligent Giving: Insights and Strategies for Higher Education Donors
Author: Jonathan P. Caulkins
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: A Framework for Strategy Development
Author: John G McGinn
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Evaluation of the South Oxnard Challenge Project, 1997-2001
Author: Susan Turner
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: South Oxnard Challenge Project: Report of What Works
Author: Susan Turner
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Linking Effectively: Learning Lessons From Successful Collaborations in Science and Technology (Documented Briefing (Rand Corporation), Db-345-Ostp.)
Author: Caroline Wagner
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Measures of Effectiveness for the Information-Age Navy: The Effects of Network-Centric Operations on Combat Outcome
Author: Walter Perry
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Hospital Care for the Uninsured in Miami-Dade County: Hospital Finance and Patient Travel Patters (2002)
Author: Catherine A Jackson
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Lessons for the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure: International Case Study (2002)
Author: Beth E Lachman
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Suggestions for Strategic Planning for the Office of Nonproliferation Research and Engineering
Author: James L. Bonomo
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: How Should the U.S. Air Force Depot Maintenance Activity Group Be Funded?: Insights from Expenditure and Flying Hour Data (2002)
Author: Edward G. Keating
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Arms Trafficking and Colombia
Author: R.Kim Cragin
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: U.S. Government Funding for Science and Technology Cooperation With Russia
Author: Science and Technology Policy Institute (Rand Corporation)
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Improving Childhood Asthma Outcomes in the United States: A Blueprint for Policy Action : A Description of Group Process Methods Used to Generate Committee Recommendations
Author: Will Nicholas
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: A Selective Review of Worldwide Operations Capabilities
Author: Russell W. Glenn
Publisher: RAND


Title: Analyses for the Initial Implementation of the Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Prospective Payment System (2002)
Author: Grace M Carter
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Protecting Emergency Responders: Lessons Learned From Terrorists Attacks
Author: Brian A Jackson
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Deployability in Peacetime
Author: Bruce Orvis
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Protecting the Homeland: Insights from Army Wargames
Author: Richard Brennan
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Eyes of the Fleet: An Analysis of the E-2C Aircraft Acquisitions Options
Author: Obaid Younossi
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Analytic Architecture for Capabilities-Based Planning, Mission-System Analysis, and Transformation
Author: Paul K. Davis
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Nuclear Weapons and the Future of Strategic Warfare
Author: Roger C. Molander
Publisher: Rand Corp


Title: Concepts for Enhancing Critical Infrastructure Protection: Relating Y2K to Cip Research and Development
Author: David Mussington
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Building a New Foundation for Innovation: Results of a Workshop for the National Science Foundation
Author: Eric Larson
Publisher: Rand


Title: Unweaving the Web: Deception and Adaptation in Future Urban Operations
Author: Scott Gerwehr
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Ready for Amageddon: Proceedings of the 2001 Rand Arroyo-U.S. Army ACTD-CETO-USMC Nonlethal and Urban Operations Program Urban Operations Conference
Author: Russell W. Glenn
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Making Sense of Test-Based Accountability in Education 2002
Author: Laura Hamilton
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: A Noble Bet in Early Care and Education: Lessons from One Community's Experience
Author: Brian Gill
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Outside the Fleet: External Requirements for Navy Officers
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Assessing the Personal Financial Problems of Junior Enlisted Personnel
Author: Richard Buddin
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Implementing the Post-Deployment Health Practice Guideline: Lessons from the Field Demonstration
Author: Donna Farley
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Options for Funding Aircraft Carriers
Author: John Birkler
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Status of Gender Integration in the Military: Supporting Appendices
Author: Megan Beckett
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Supporting Expeditionary Aerospace Forces:An Operational Architecture for Combat Support Execution Planning and Control
Author: James Leftwich
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: A Preliminary Analysis if Advance Appropriations as a Budgeting Method fdor Navy Ship Procurements
Author: Irv Blicksten
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Street Smart: Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield for Urban Operations
Author: Jamison Jo Medby
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Evaluation of the Long-Term Family Self-Sufficiency Plan in Los Angeles County
Author: Robert F. Schoeni
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Strengthening the Grid: Effect of High Temperature Superconducting Power Technologies on Reliability, Power Transfer Capacity and Energy Use.
Author: Richard Silberglitt
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: A Look at Cash Compensation for Active Duty Military Personel
Author: Beth J. Asch
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: From National Champs to Europe
Author: Katia Vlachnos-Dengler
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Effects of Perstempo on Officer Retention in the U.S. Military
Author: Ronald Fricker
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Tution Assistance Usage and First Term Military Retention
Author: Richard Buddin
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Assessing Gas and Oil Resources in the Intermountain West Review of Methods and Framework for a New Approach
Author: Tom Latourette
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: You've Got Dissent!: Chinese Dissident Use of the Internet and Beijing's Counter Stragegies
Author: Michael Chase
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Married to the Military: The Employment and Earnings of Military Wives Compared with Those of Civilian Wives
Author: Beth C. Asch
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Straddling Economics & Politics: Issues in Asia, the United States and the Global Economy
Author: Charles Wolf
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Absorbing Air Force Fighter Pilots: Parameters, Problems, and Policy Options
Author: William Taylor
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Analysis of the Children's Hospital Graduate Medical Education Program Fund Allocations for Indirect Medical Educational Costs
Author: Barbara O. Wynn
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Security and Safety in Los Angeles High Rise Building After 9/11
Author: Rae Archibald
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Future Ground Commanders' Close Support Needs and Desirable System Characteristics
Author: National Defense Research Institute (U. S.)
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Public Benefit of Energy Efficiency to the State of Washington
Author: Mark Bernstein
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Air Force Compensation: Considering Some Options
Author: James Hosek
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Role of the Office of Homeland Security in the Federal Budget Process: Recommendations for Effective Long-Term Engagement
Author: Victoria A. Greenfield
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Quadrennial Defense Review 2001: Lessons on Managing Change in the Department of Defense
Author: John Schrader
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: NATO and Russia: Bridge-Building for the 21st Century: Report of the Working Group on NATO-Russia Relations (White paper)
Author: David K. Wright
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Military Recruiting and Retention After the Fiscal Year 2000 Military Pay Legislation
Author: National Defense Research Institute (U. S.)
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Going Global US Goverment Policy: Initial Findings
Author: Mark Lorell
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Final Evaluation Report for the TRICARE Senior Supplement Demonstration Program 2002
Author: Michael Schoenbaum
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Countywide Evaluation of the Long-Term Family Self-Sufficiency Plan: Countywide Evaluation Report
Author: Elaine Reardon
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Public Benefit of Energy Efficiency for Minnesota
Author: Mark A. Bernstein
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Public Benefit of Energy Efficiency for Massachusetts
Author: Mark A. Berstein
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Noble Bet Early Chilcare Exec
Author: Brian P. Gill
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Safer skies: Baggage screening and beyond (White paper)
Author: Gary Kauvar
Publisher: Rand


Title: Safer skies: Baggage screening and beyond ; with supporting analyses (White paper)
Author: Gary Kauvar
Publisher: Rand


Title: Tools for 21st Century Diplomacy: An Approach to Improved Information and Communication Technology for Romania's Foreign Affairs Ministry
Author: Tora K. Bikson
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Royals Navy's New Generation Type 45 Destroyer Acquisition Options and Implications
Author: John Birkler
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: In Our Backyard: How 3 L.A. Neighborhoods Affect Kids' Lives
Author: Anne R. Pebley
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Defining Equipment Sustainment Requirements to Support the U.S. Army's Transformation
Author: Eric Peltz
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Persian Gulf in the Coming Decade: Trends, Threats, and Opportunities
Author: Daniel L. Byman
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Toxic Warfare
Author: Theodore Karasik
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Assessing Unit Readiness: Case Study of an Air Force Mobility Wing
Author: Carl Thaler
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Shoulder to Shoulder: The Road to U.S.-European Military Cooperability-A German American Analysis
Author: David C. Gompert
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Final Assembly and Checkout Alternatives for the Joint Strike Fighter
Author: Mark V. Arena
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Recruiting Youth in the College Market: Current Practice and Future Policy Options
Author: M.Rebecca Kilburn
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Driving Emissions to Zero: Are the Benefits of California's Emission Vechile Program Worth the Cost?
Author: Lloyd Dixon
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Trends in Special Medicare Payments and Service Utilization for Rual Areas in the 19990s
Author: Donna O. Farley
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Optimal Commercial Satellite Leasing Strategies
Author: Michael G. Mattock
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Serving Away from Home: How Deployments Influence Reenlistment
Author: James R. Hosek
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Greek Rhetoric Meets Cyberspace: Toward a Theory of Information Warfare
Author: Laurent Murawiec
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Implications and Policy Options of California's Reliance on Natural Gas
Author: Mark Bernstein
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Generating Electric Power in the Pacific Northwest: Implications of Alernative Technologies
Author: Christopher G. Pernin
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Military and Democracy in Indonesia: Challenges, Politics, and Power
Author: Angel Rabasa
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Conventional Coercion Across the Spectrum of Operations: The Utility of U.S. Military Forces in the Emerging Security Environment
Author: David E. Johnson
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Final Report on Assessment Instruments for Prospective Payment System
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Final Report on Assessment Instruments for a Prospective Payment System: Appendices
Author: Joan L. Buchanan
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: An Optimization Approach to Workforce Planning for the Information Technology Field
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: A Simple Game-Theoretic Approach to Suppression of Enemy Defenses and Other Time Critical Target Analyses
Author: Thomas Hamilton
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Faultlines of Conflict in Central Asia and the South Caucasus: Implications for the U.S. Army
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: A Decision Framwork for Prioritizing Industrial Materials Research and Development
Author: Richard Silberglitt
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Peacetime Tempo of Air Mobility Operations: Meeting Peacetime Demand and Maintaining Readness
Author: Brian G. Chow
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Learning About Quality: How the Quality of Personnel is Revealed Over Time
Author: James R. Hosek
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Countering Al Qaeda: An Appreciation of the Situation and Suggestions for Strategy
Author: Brian Michael Jenkins
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Quick Scan of Post 9/11 National Coutner Terrorism Policy making and Implementation selected European Countries since 9/11
Author: Erik van de Linde
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Implementing Performance-Based Services Acquistion: Perspectives
Author: John Ausink
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: A Strategic Governance Review for Multi-organizational Systems of Education, Training, and Professional Development
Author: Glenn A. Daley
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: The Stryker Brigade Combat Team: Rethinking Strategic Responsiveness and Assessing Deployment Options
Author: Alan Vick
Publisher: RAND Corporation


Title: Guidlines for Implementing and Evaluating the Portugese Drug Strategy
Author: Ineke van Beusekom
Publisher: RAND Corporation