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Over 6 million ISBNs and ISBN barcodes are listed. The ISBN format was created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISBNs are 10 or 13 digit numbers that uniquely identify a book by its title, publisher, and format. ISBN bar codes are just a bar code display of the ISBN number. ISBNs were introduced in 1970 and were originally 10 digit numbers. In 2007, ISBN numbers changed to 13 digit numbers so the system wouldn't run out of ISBN numbers to assign. The ISBN number is typically found on the back cover of the book along with the ISBN barcode that represents that number. The ISBN number can also typically be found on one of the first few pages of the book where the publisher and copyright information is listed.

Each edition of a book and each format of a book has a different ISBN number. This is very useful when searching for the softcover edition or the hardcover edition of a book. It is also useful for college students searching for the correct edition of a college textbook for their university class.

To learn more about the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) ISO standard, see the Wikipedia entry for ISBN


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Title: Earlier Life and Chief Earlier Works of Daniel Defoe (Burt Franklin essays in literature & criticism, 96)
Author: Daniel Defoe
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Etudes Sur LA Condition De LA Classe Agricole Et L'Etat De L'Agriculture En Normandie Au Moyen Age
Author: Leopold V. Delisle
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: History of Money in Ancient Countries from the Earliest Times to the Present
Author: Aleander Del Mar
Publisher: Ayer Co Pub


Title: History of Money in America from the Earliest Times to the Establishment of the Constitution
Author: Alexander Del Mar
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Money and Civilization: Or, a History of the Monetary Laws and Systems of Various States Since the Dark Ages, and Their Influence upon Civilization
Author: Alexander Del Mar
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: La Crise Economique Au XVI Siecle Et La
Author: Maximin Deloche
Publisher: Ayer Co Publishers Inc


Title: Un precurseur d'A. Smith en France, J. J. L. Graslin: (1727-1790) (Burt Franklin research & source works series. Selected studies in history, economics and social science, 25c) (French Edition)
Author: J Desmars
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Discovery and Conquest of Terra Florida
Author: Verdaderia Relacam
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Commentary and Review of Montesquieu's Spirit of Laws
Author: De Tracy Destutt
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Molly Maguires: The Origin Growth and Character of the Organization
Author: Francis P. Dewees
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Congregationalism of the Last Three Hundred Years As Seen in Its Literature (Research and Source Series No. 519)
Author: Henry Martyn Dexter
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Justinien Et LA Civilisation Byzantine Au Vle Siecle
Author: C. Diehl
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Neomercantilisme Au XVIII Siecle Et Au
Author: Georges Dionnet
Publisher: Franklin, Burt Co Inc


Title: Books Fatal to Their Authors (Research and Source Series, No. 495)
Author: P. H. Ditchfield
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Catalogue of early Dublin-printed books, 1601 to 1700 (Burt Franklin bibliography and references series, 402. Essays in literature and criticism, 117)
Author: E. R. McC Dix
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Printing in Dublin Prior to 1601 (Burt Franklin Research and Source Works Series, 657)
Author: Ernest R. Dix
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Life of Nathaniel MacOn, 1757-1837
Author: W. Dodd
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Notes on the settlement and Indian wars of the western parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania, from 1763 to 1783, inclusive: Together with a view of the state ... classics in history and social science)
Author: Joseph Doddridge
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Beitrage zur Sektengeschichte des Mittelalters (Selected essays in history, economics, & social science, 196) (German Edition)
Author: Johann Joseph Ignaz von Dollinger
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Conquest of the River Plate
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Illustrations of Shakespeare and Ancient Manners
Author: Francis Douce
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Annals of Witchcraft in New England and Elsewhere in the United States
Publisher: Ayer Co Pub


Title: Shakespeare and His Times
Author: N. Drake
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Saints and Their Emblems (Burt Franklin Research & Source Works Series, 705)
Author: Maurice Drake
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: A systematic treatise, historical, etiological, and practical, on the principal diseases of the interior valley of North America: As they appear in the ... classics in history and social science)
Author: Daniel Drake
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Witchcraft Delusion in New England
Author: Samuel Drake
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Poems (Spencer Soc. : Nos. 45-46)
Author: Michael Drayron
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Poly-Olbion: A Chronologic Description of Great Britain (Spencer Soc. : Nos. 1-3)
Author: Michael Drayton
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Narrative and Correspondence Concerning the Removal of the Deposits, and Occurrences Connected There With
Author: William J. Duane
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: National Censuses and Vital Statistics in Europe 1918-1939
Author: U. S. Library of Congress Census Lib
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: State Censuses
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Bio-Bibliographie de Victor Hugo de 1802 a 1825
Author: Pierre DuBois
Publisher: Burt Franklin and Company Inc


Title: Catherine of Aragon and the Sources of the English Reformation
Author: Charlotte Mary Yonge
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Les Familles D'Outre-Mer (Research and Source Works Series No. 864)
Author: Charles D. Du Cange
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Etudes d'histoire financiere et monetaire, (Burt Franklin research & source works series, 559. Selected essays in history, economics, & social science, 178) (French Edition)
Author: Theophile Gabriel Auguste Ducrocq
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: French Society in the Eighteenth Century (Burt Franklin Research & Source Works Series, 696. Selected Essays in History, Economics, and Social)
Author: Louis Ducros
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: A course of lectures on the constitutional jurisprudence of the United States;: Delivered annually in Columbia College, New York (Burt Franklin research ... classics in history and social science, 212)
Author: William Alexander Duer
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Early English Printing: A Series of Facsimiles of All the Types Used in England During the 15th Century (Burt Franklin Bibliography & Reference Series, 371)
Author: Edward Gordon Duff
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: William Caxton 1422 to 1491
Author: E. Gordon Duff
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Recherches Biliographique Sur Les Oeuvres Imprimes De J J Rousseau
Author: Theophile Andre Dufour
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: The father, or, American Shandyism;: A comedy (Burt Franklin research & source works series, 573. Theatre & drama series, 12)
Author: William Dunlap
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Andre;: A tragedy in five acts (Burt Franklin research & source works series, 573. Theatre & drama series, 12)
Author: William Dunlap
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: History of the New Netherlands, Province of New York, and State of New York, to the Adoption of the Federal Constitution
Author: William Dunlap
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: History of the American Theatre
Author: William Dunlap
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: History of Prose Fiction
Author: John Colin Dunlop
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Les grandes crises financieres de la France (Burt Franklin research and source works series, 788. Selected essays in history, economics and social science) (French Edition)
Author: Michel Gustave Partounau Du Puynode
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Economie Politique des Romains. 2 Volumes


Title: Early American Craftsmen. (Burt Franklin research and source works series, 693. American classics in history and social science, 183)
Author: Walter A. Dyer
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: List of Editions of the Bay Psalm or New England Version of the Psalms/2 Volumes in 1 (Burt Franklin bibliography & reference series, 473. Philosophy and religious history monographs, 122)
Author: Wilberforce Eames
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Royal Commission on the Losses and Services of American Loyalists, 1783-85 (Research and Source Works, No 756)
Author: Daniel Parker Coke
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Edward Loomis Davenport;: A biography (Burt Franklin research & source works series, 573. Theatre drama series, 12)
Author: Edwin Francis Edgett
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Papers Relating to Political Economy (Research and Source Ser.: No.493/ 3 Vols. in 1)
Author: Francis Y. Edgeworth
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Bibliography of the History of Agriculture in the United States
Author: Everett E. Edwards
Publisher: Burt Franklin Publisher


Title: A dissertation concerning liberty & necessity;: Containing remarks on the essays of Dr. Samuel West, and on the writings of several other authors, on those ... Philosophy & religious history monographs)
Author: Jonathan Edwards
Publisher: B. Franklin Reprints


Title: Libraries and Founders of Libraries.
Author: Edward Edwards
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Italian Renaissance in England (Burt Franklin research & source works series)
Author: Lewis D. Einstein
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Tale of Wonder a Source Study for the Wife of Bath
Author: S. Eisner
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Brissot De Warville: A Study in the History of the French Revolution (Research and Source Works, No 536)
Author: Eloise Ellery
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Southern War Poetry of the Civil War
Author: E. P. Ellinger
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: The American diplomatic code,: Embracing a collection of treaties and conventions between the United States and foreign powers from 1778 to 1834; also, ... classics in history and social science, 160)
Author: Jonathan Elliot
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Debates on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution
Author: Jonathan Elliot
Publisher: Ayer Co Pub


Title: Debates in the Several State Conventions on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: The funding system of the United States and of Great Britain,: With some tabular facts of other nations touching the same subject (Burt Franklin research ... history, economics and social science 236)
Author: Jonathan Elliot
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Puritan Age and Rule in Colony of Massachusetts Bay 1629-1685
Author: George E. Ellis
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: The History of American Music. (Burt Franklin research and source works series, 686)
Author: Louis Charles Elson
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Boke Named the Governor
Author: Thomas Elyot
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Economie Politique Et Politique Edition
Author: Barthelemy Enfantin
Publisher: Franklin, Burt Co Inc


Title: A list of English tales and prose romances printed before 1740 (Burt Franklin bibliography and reference, 400. Essays in literature and criticism, 114)
Author: Arundell James Kennedy Esdaile
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Sources of English Literature: A Guide for Students
Author: Arundell J. Esdaile
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Handbook to the Pianoforte Works of Johannes Brahms (His [Historical, descriptive & analytical account of the entire works of Johannes Brahms] 2-3)
Author: Edwin Evans
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: The life of Sir Anthony Panizzi, K.C.B., late principal librarian of the British Museum, senator of Italy . TWO VOLUMES (Burt Franklin research & source work series, 586)
Author: Louis Fagan
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Etudes sur l'industrie et la classe industrielle a Paris au XIIIe et au XIVe siecle (Selected essays in history, economics, & social science) (French Edition)
Author: Gustave Charles Fagniez
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Les Jongleurs En France Au Moyen Age (Burt Franklin Research & Source Works Series, 606)
Author: Edmond Faral
Publisher: Burt Franklin and Company


Title: History of the Machine-Wrought Hosiery and Lace Manufactures
Author: William Felkin
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Customs of New England
Author: Joseph B. Felt
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: The Ohio Valley in Colonial Days (Burt Franklin research & source works series 658. American classics in history & social science 171)
Author: Berthold Fernow
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Torquato Tasso;: Studi biografici-critici-bibliografici (Burt Franklin bibliography & reference series, 432. Essays in literature and criticism, 158) (Italian Edition)
Author: Giuseppe Jacopo Ferrazzi
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Constantinopli Aux Derniers Jours D'Abouihamid
Author: Paul Fesch
Publisher: Franklin Pub Co


Title: American Engravers upon Copper and Steel/Part 3
Author: David McNeely Stauffer
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Filson's Kentucke: A facsimile reproduction of the original Wilmington edition of 1784, with paged critique, sketch of Filson's life and bibliography, ... classics in history and social science)
Author: John Filson
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Bibliographia Catholica Americana;: A list of works written by Catholic authors, and published in the United States (Burt Franklin bibliography & reference, 401. Essays in literature & criticism, 116)
Author: Joseph Maria Finotti
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Discoveries of the Norsemen in America (Research and Source Works Series No. 643)
Author: Joseph Fischer
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Negro's Memorial, or Abolitionist's Catechism
Author: Thomas Fisher
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Dictionary of Madame de Sevigne, (Burt Franklin bibliography & reference 399. Essays in literature and criticism 113)
Author: Edward FitzGerald
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Sociology for the South: Or the Failure of Free Society
Author: George Fitzhugh
Publisher: Ayer Co Pub


Title: A biographical chronicle of the English drama, 1559-1642 (Burt Franklin bibliography & reference series)
Author: Frederick Gard Fleay
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Arthurian Material in the Chronicles: Especially Those of Great Britain and France
Author: Robert H. Fletcher
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: English Book Collectors
Author: William Younger Fletcher
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Decline of the Medieval Church
Author: Alexander Clarence Flick
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: The Rise of the Mediaeval Church and It's Influence on the Civilization of Western Europe from the First to the Thirteenth Century
Author: Alexander Clarence Flick
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Outline of the Historical Methods (Research and Source Works Ser .:No 726)
Author: Fred Morrow Fling
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: La philosophie de la science economique, (Burt Franklin research & source works series) (French Edition)
Author: James Forbes
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Pre-Reformation scholars in Scotland in the XVIth century: Their writings and their public services : with a bibliography and a list of graduates from ... : Studies in the history of education ; 13)
Author: William Forbes-Leith
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: D'Annunzio, 1863-1887 (Four Volume Set) (Italian Edition)
Author: Roberto Forcella
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Bibliotheca Chaunciana: A list of the writings of Charles Chauncy (Burt Franklin bibliography & reference series 442. History of education 9)
Author: Paul Leicester Ford
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: The Boston Book Market, 1679-1700 (Burt Franklin Bibliography & Reference Series 459)
Author: Worthington Ford
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Gospel in New England Propagation Company
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Essays on the Constitution of the United States, Published During Its Discussion by the People, 1787-1788.
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Josiah Tucker and His Writings; An Eighteenth Century Pamphleteer on America (Burt Franklin Bibliography & Reference Series, 445. American Classics)
Author: Paul Leicester Ford
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: List of Some Briefs in Appeal Causes Which Relate to America Tried Before the Lords Commissioners of Appeals of Prize Causes of His Majesty's Privy Co ... classics in history and social science, 227)
Author: Paul Leicester Ford
Publisher: Burt Franklin and Company