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ISBN Lookup and ISBN Search is a free ISBN lookup site. Use the ISBN search options for finding books by ISBN, title, author, and publisher. Amazon book reviews, Amazon pricing, Amazon product description, Amazon ASIN number, and links to Amazon editorial reviews, and Amazon customer reviews are also displayed. Use the Amazon data to find and compare prices on new books, used books, new college textbooks, and used college textbooks. All sorts of books are listed on the site - new books, used books, new and used textbooks, new and used college textbooks, discountinued books, discounted books, out of print books, rare books, cheap books, children's books, young adults books, adult books, antique books, hard to find books, and old books.

Over 6 million ISBNs and ISBN barcodes are listed. The ISBN format was created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISBNs are 10 or 13 digit numbers that uniquely identify a book by its title, publisher, and format. ISBN bar codes are just a bar code display of the ISBN number. ISBNs were introduced in 1970 and were originally 10 digit numbers. In 2007, ISBN numbers changed to 13 digit numbers so the system wouldn't run out of ISBN numbers to assign. The ISBN number is typically found on the back cover of the book along with the ISBN barcode that represents that number. The ISBN number can also typically be found on one of the first few pages of the book where the publisher and copyright information is listed.

Each edition of a book and each format of a book has a different ISBN number. This is very useful when searching for the softcover edition or the hardcover edition of a book. It is also useful for college students searching for the correct edition of a college textbook for their university class.

To learn more about the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) ISO standard, see the Wikipedia entry for ISBN


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Title: Bibliography of the Works of Edward Gibbon
Author: Jane E. Norton
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: The critical study of Gaelic literature, indispensable for the history of the Gaelic race (Burt Franklin research & source works series 204. Essays in literature and criticism 130)
Author: Alfred Trubner Nutt
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Robert Morris: Patriot and Financier
Author: Ellis P. Oberholtzer
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Essay on Medieval Economic Teaching
Author: George A. Obrien
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: A short survey of the literature of Rabbinical and mediaeval Judaism, (Burt Franklin bibliography & reference series 490)
Author: W. O. E Oesterley
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: The canon law in mediaeval England;: An examination of William Lyndwood's Provinciale, in reply to the late Professor F. W. Maitland (Burt Franklin research ... history, economics and social science, 262)
Author: Arthur Ogle
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Journey Through Texas: Or a Saddle Trip on the Southwestern Frontier
Author: Frederick Law Olmsted
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: General History of Printing (Burt Franklin bibliography & reference series, 447)
Author: Samuel Palmer
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: L'Eglise Byzantine De 527 a 847 (French Edition)
Author: Jules Pargoire
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: French Romantics' Knowledge of English Literature: 1820-1848 (Research and Source Works, No 201)
Author: Eric Partridge
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Sir William Petty: Sixteen Twenty-Three, Sixteen Eighty-Seven : Ses Idees Economiques (Research and Source Works Series No. 667)
Author: Maurice Paquier
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Peintre-Graveur: Contenant L'Histoire De LA Gravare Sur Bois, Sur Metal Et Au Burin Jusque Vers LA Fix Du Seizieme Siecle/6 Volumes in 3.
Author: Johann D. Passavant
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Studies in the Fairy Mythology of Arthurian
Author: Lucy Paton
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Essays by the Late Mark Pattison
Author: Mark Pattison
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Concise History of the Iron Manufacture of the American Colonies Up to the Revolution and of Pennsylvania Until the Present Time
Author: John B. Pearse
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Shelley: His Life and Work
Author: Walter Edwin Peck
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Theorie Nouvelle D'Economie Sociale Et Politique Ou Etudes Sur L'Organization Des Societes
Author: Constantin Pecqueur
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Fifteenth Century Books: A Guide to Their Identification (Bibliography and Reference, No 294)
Author: Robert A. Peddie
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Ramon Llull: A Biography
Author: Edgar A. Peers
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: The magazine and the drama;: An index (Burt Franklin research & source works series, 573)
Author: James Harry Pence
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Annotated Bibliography of Sir Richard Francis Burton
Author: Norman M. Penzer
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: France in the American Revolution
Author: James Breck Perkins
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Lafcadio Hearn: A Bibliography of His Writings
Author: Percival D. Perkins
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Les idees des physiocrates en matiere de commerce international (Burt Franklin research & source works series. Selected studies in history, economics, and social science, 28c) (French Edition)
Author: Paul Permezel
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Les libertins en France au XVIIe siecle (Philosophy and religious history monographs) (French Edition)
Author: Francois Tommy Perrens
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Bibliography of the Writings of Henry James
Author: Le Roy Phillips
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Economic and Political Essays of the Ante-Bellum South (Research and Source Works Series No. 417)
Author: Ulrich Bonnell Phillips
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Plantation and Frontier, 1649-1863.
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: A vocabulary;: Or, Collection of words and phrases which have been supposed to be peculiar to the United States of America to which is prefixed an essay ... classics in history & social science, 225)
Author: John Pickering
Publisher: B. Franklin Reprints


Title: Comment Travaillait Proust: Bibliographie, Variantes, Lettres De Proust (Bibliography and Reference Ser.: No. 364)
Author: Leon Pierre-Quint
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Constitutional History of the House of Lords
Author: Luke O. Pike
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Bibliographie Des Troubadours
Author: Alfred Pillet
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Bibliografia delle tradizioni popolari d'Italia;: Con tre indici speciali (Burt Franklin bibliography & reference series, 453. Selected studies in history, ... social science, n.s. 7) (Italian Edition)
Author: Giuseppe Pitre
Publisher: B. Franklin Reprints


Title: English Printers Ornaments
Author: Henry Robert Plomer
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: William Caxton
Author: Henry Robert Plomer
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Essay on Colophons with Specimens and Translations
Author: Alfred W. Pollard
Publisher: Burt Franklin Publisher


Title: Last words on the history of the title-page,: With notes on some colophons and twenty-seven fac-similes of title-pages (Burt Franklin research & source works series, 668)
Author: Alfred W Pollard
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Old Picture Books With Other Essays on Bookish Subjects: With Other Essays on Bookish Subjects (Burt Franklin Research & Source Works Series 608)
Author: Alfred W. Pollard
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: The English Catholics in the reign of Queen Elizabeth;: A study of their politics, civil life, and government, 1558-1580, from the fall of the old church ... history, economics, and social science, 242)
Author: John Hungerford Pollen
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: The Federal and State constitutions, colonial charters, and other organic laws of the United States (Burt Franklin research and source works series. American ... classics in history and social science, 240)
Author: Benjamin Perley Poore
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Clothing Industry in New York
Author: J. E. Pope
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Censorship of Hebrew Books (Judaica Ser. : No. 6)
Author: William Popper
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Grayeurs De Dix-Huitieme Siecle
Author: Roger Portalis
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: North American Negro Poets a Bibliographical Check
Author: Dorothy Burnett Porter
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: A review of the principal questions in morals (Burt Franklin research and source works series, 149. Philosophy and religious history monographs)
Author: Richard Price
Publisher: B. Franklin Reprints


Title: Memoir of the Life and Character of the Right Honorable Edmund Burke
Author: James Prior
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Bibliographical Essays (Bibliography and Reference Series No. 60)
Author: Robert G. Proctor
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Treatise of Man and the Development of His Faculties
Author: Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Fishing from the Earliest Times
Publisher: Ares Pub


Title: Discovery of the Large Rich Beautiful Empire of Guiana
Author: Walter Raleigh
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Works of Sir Walter Raleigh
Author: Walter Raleigh
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Other Side or Notes for the History of the War Between Mexico and the U.S.
Author: Ramon Alcarez
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Bibliographie des chansonniers francais des XIIIe et XIVe siecles (Burt Franklin bibliography & reference series, 469. Music history and reference series, 2) (French Edition)
Author: Gaston Raynaud
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Records of Salem Witchcraft, Copied from the Original Documents. (2 Vols in 1)
Author: Woodwards Historical
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: The wisdom of Sir Walter;: Criticisms and opinions collected from the Waverley novels and Lockhart's Life of Sir Walter Scott (Burt Franklin research and ... 752. Essays in literature and criticism 135)
Author: Walter Scott
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Analecta Byzantino-Russica (Burt Franklin research and source works series) (Greek Edition)
Author: Vasilii Eduardovich Regel
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Das Doctrinale des Alexander de Villa-Dei (German Edition)
Author: Alexander
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Complete Word and Phrase Concordance to the Poems and Songs of Robert Burns
Author: J. B. Reid
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Relations politiques et commerciales de l'Empire romain avec l'Asie orientale (l'Hyrcanie, l'Inde, la Bactriane et la Chine) pendant les cinq premiers ... & social science, n.s. 23) (French Edition)
Author: Joseph Toussaint Reinaud
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Drawings (Burt Franklin research & source works series 763. Art history and art reference series 31)
Author: Frederic Remington
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Remington's Frontier Sketches
Author: Frederic Remington
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Annales De Limpremerie Des Estienne Et De Ses (2 Vols in 1)
Author: Antoine-Augustin Renouard
Publisher: Ayer Co Pub


Title: Book Collector's Guide
Author: Seymour De Ricci
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: English Collectors of Books and Manuscripts 1530-1930 and Their Marks of Ownership
Author: Seymour De Ricci
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: A Union World Catalog of Manuscript Books III: A List of Printed Catalogs of Manuscript Books
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Music in America (Burt Franklin research and source works series. Music history and reference series, 1)
Author: Frederic Louis Ritter
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: A short history of morals (Burt Franklin research & source works series, 701. Philosophy monograph series, 49)
Author: J. M Robertson
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Oeuvres De Maximilien Robespierre: Avec Une Notice Historique, Des Notes Et De Commentaires. Precedes De Considerations Generales Par Armand Carrel (Research & Source Works No 565)
Author: Maximilien M. Robespierre
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Overproduction and crises (Burt Franklin research and source works series 688. Selected essays in history, economics and social science, 241)
Author: Johann Karl Rodbertus
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: The Cambridge Press, 1638-1692;: A history of the first printing press established in English America, together with a bibliographical list of the issues ... history, economics, & social science, 201)
Author: Robert F Roden
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Ponteach: The Savages of America (Theatre and Drama, No 20)
Author: Robert Rogers
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Relations of Pennsylvania with the British Government, 1696-1765
Author: Winfred T. Root
Publisher: Burt Franklin Publisher


Title: Bibliography of Negro Migration
Author: F. A. Ross
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: The early history of land-holding among the Germans (Burt Franklin research & source works series, 814. Selected essays in history, economics & social science, 294)
Author: Denman Waldo Ross
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: English Publishers in the Graphic Arts, 1599-1700
Author: Leona Rostenberg
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Geoffrey De Mandeville: A Study of the Anarchy
Author: John Round
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Miscellaneous Works
Author: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Ballads and Broadsides, Chiefly of the Elizabethan Period: Most of Which Were Formerly in the Heber Collection and Are Now in the Library at Britwell Court, ... Essays in Literature and Criticism, 134)
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Memorials of the Empire of Japan, in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries: The Kingdom of Japonia Letters of William Adams from 1611 to 1617
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Catalogue of the Salley Collection of the Works of William Gilmore Simms
Author: Alexander S. Salley
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Dictionary of the Art of Printing
Author: William Savage
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Volume of Memorial Essays
Author: Fritz Saxl
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: L' Oeuvre Economique De David Hume (Research and Source Work Ser)
Author: Albert Schatz
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Machiavelli
Author: Richard Fester
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Travels in the Confederation 1783-1784
Author: Johann D. Schoepe
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Tristan and Isolde: A Study of the Sources of the Romance, 2 Vols. in 1
Author: Gertrude Loomis
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Free Speech Bibliography
Author: Theodore Albert Schroeder
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Free Speech for Radicals
Author: Theodore Albert Schroeder
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Thomas Otway (Theatre and drama series)
Author: Edgar Schumacher
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Bibliographie D'Aristote (Research & Source Works Ser.: No. 208)
Author: Moise Schwab
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Confederate States of America, 1861-1865: A Financial and Industrial History of the South During the Civil War
Author: John Christopher Schwab
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: American Factories and Their Female Operatives With
Author: Scoresby
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Journal of Sir Walter Scott from the Original Manuscript at Abbotsford (Research and Source Works Series, No 535) (2 Volume Set)
Author: Walter, Sir Scott
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Commons and common fields;: Or, The history and policy of the laws relating to commons and enclosures in England. Being the Yorke prize essay of the University ... 1886 (History, economics & social science)
Author: Thomas Edward Scrutton
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Anti-Slavery Opinion in France During the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century (Burt Franklin Research and Source Works Series, 692.)
Author: Edward Derbyshire Seeber
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: The Tenne Tragedies of Seneca
Author: Lucius Annaeus Seneca
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Essays in philosophical criticism (Burt Franklin research & source works series 709. Philosophy monograph series 53)
Author: A Seth Pringle-Pattison
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Hegelianism and personality (Balfour philosophical lectures)
Author: A Seth Pringle-Pattison
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Scottish Philosophy; A Comparison of the Scottish and German Answers to Hume (Burt Franklin Research & Source Works Series, 703. Philosoph)
Author: Andrew Seth Pringle Pattison
Publisher: Burt Franklin and Company


Title: Statistical Annals, of the United States: 1789-1818 (Research and Source Works Ser : No. 260)
Author: Adam Seybert
Publisher: Burt Franklin