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Over 6 million ISBNs and ISBN barcodes are listed. The ISBN format was created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISBNs are 10 or 13 digit numbers that uniquely identify a book by its title, publisher, and format. ISBN bar codes are just a bar code display of the ISBN number. ISBNs were introduced in 1970 and were originally 10 digit numbers. In 2007, ISBN numbers changed to 13 digit numbers so the system wouldn't run out of ISBN numbers to assign. The ISBN number is typically found on the back cover of the book along with the ISBN barcode that represents that number. The ISBN number can also typically be found on one of the first few pages of the book where the publisher and copyright information is listed.

Each edition of a book and each format of a book has a different ISBN number. This is very useful when searching for the softcover edition or the hardcover edition of a book. It is also useful for college students searching for the correct edition of a college textbook for their university class.

To learn more about the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) ISO standard, see the Wikipedia entry for ISBN


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Title: History of Currency: 1252 To 1894
Author: William A. Shaw
Publisher: Augustus M. Kelley


Title: The Sherley brothers;: An historical memoir of the lives of Sir Thomas Sherley, Sir Anthony Sherley, and Sir Robert Sherley, knights (Burt Franklin research ... economics, & social science, n.s. 10)
Author: Evelyn Philip Shirley
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Victorian literature ; sixty years of books and bookmen.
Author: Clement Shorter
Publisher: Burt Franklin New York


Title: Victorian Literature Sixty Years of Books and Bookmen (Burt Franklin bibliography & reference, 385)
Author: Clement King Shorter
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: The Expedition of Pedro De Ursua & Lope De Aguirre in Search of El Dorado and Omagua in 1560-1 (Works Issued By the Hakluyt Society, 1st Ser., 28)
Author: Pedro Simon
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Rights of Man to Property
Author: Thomas Skidmore
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Voyages of Samuel De Champlain
Author: Samuel De Champlain
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Voyages of the Norsemen to America in the 10th and 11th Centuries
Author: Edmund F. Slafter
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Bibliography of Matthew Arnold
Author: Thomas Smart
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: The Classics in Translation: An Annotated Guide to the Best Translations of the Greek and Latin Classics into English
Author: Frank Seymour Smith
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Foreign visitors in England, and what they have thought of us
Author: Edward Smith
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Jews and Modern Capitalism
Author: Werner Sombart
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: History of Brazil (Research and Source Works Ser.: No. 588)
Author: Robert Southey
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: The Wilderness Road;: A description of the routes of travel by which the pioneers and early settlers first came to Kentucky. Prepared for the Filson Club ... classics in history and social science, 193)
Author: Thos Speed
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: A history of factory legislation, (Burt Franklin research & source works series, 612. History, economics & social science, 205)
Author: B. L Hutchins
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Shepheardes Calendar
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Unconstitutionality of Slavery
Author: Lysander Spooner
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: First Voyage Around the World by Magellan 1518-1521
Author: Antonio Pigafetta
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Three Voyages of Vasco Da Gama
Author: Gaspar Correa
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Shakespeare and Classical Antiquity Greek and Latin Antiquity As Presented in Shakespeare's Plays
Author: Anne Stanford
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Jews in the Byzantine Empire (Research and Source Works Ser, No 386)
Author: Josua Starr
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: A tentative guide to historical materials on the Spanish borderlands
Author: Francis Borgia Steck
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Studies of a Biographer (Selected essays and texts in literature and criticism)
Author: Leslie Stephen
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Thomas Hariot, the Mathematician, the Philosopher and the Scholar (Burt Franklin research works series. Science classics series, 10)
Author: Henry Stevens
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Colonial records of the New York Chamber of Commerce, 1768-1784: With historical and biographical sketches, (Burt Franklin research and source works series, ... classics in history and social science, 188)
Author: New York Chamber of Commerce
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: The dawn of British trade to the East Indies: As recorded in the Court minutes of the East India Company, 1599-1603, containing an account of the formation ... in history, economics & social science, 186)
Author: East India Company
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Historical nuggets: Bibliotheca Americana; or, A descriptive account of my collection of rare books relating to America (Burt Franklin bibliography & reference ... classics in history and social science, 154)
Author: Henry Stevens
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Joutel's Account of La Salle's Last Voyage
Author: Henri Joutel
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Life and Times of John Dickinson
Author: Charles Janeway Stille
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Robert Dodsley : Poet, Publisher, Playwright
Author: Ralph Straus
Publisher: Burt Franklin Publisher


Title: The Chained Library: A Survey of Four Centuries in the Evolution of the English Library
Author: Burnett Hillman Streeter
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: The history of the life and acts of the Most Reverend Father in God, Edmund Grindal: To which is added an appendix of original mss (Burt Franklin research ... and religious history monographs, 145)
Author: John Strype
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: The life of the learned Sir John Cheke, kt., first instructor, afterwards Secretary of State, to King Edward VI: To which is added, A treatise of superstition, ... and religious history monographs, 143)
Author: John Strype
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: The life of the learned Sir Thomas Smith, kt., D.C.L.;: Principal Secretary of State to King Edward the Sixth, and Queen Elizabeth (Burt Franklin research ... Philosophy & religious history monographs)
Author: John Strype
Publisher: B. Franklin Reprints


Title: Chronologies of the Life and Writings of William Cullen Bryant
Author: Henry C. Sturges
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Financier and the Finances of the American Revolution
Author: William Sumner
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: La tactique financiere de Calonne (Burt Franklin research & source works series. Selected studies in history, economics, & social science, n.s. 18) (French Edition)
Author: G Susane
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Les theories de Boisguilbert et leur place dans l'histoire des doctrines economiques (Burt Franklin research & source works series, 889. Selected essays ... & social science, 332) (French Edition)
Author: Albert Talbot
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Sir Walter Raleigh and His Colony in America
Author: Increase Niles Tarbox
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Works of John Taylor the Water Poet
Author: John Taylor
Publisher: Burt Franklin Publisher


Title: Teuffel's History of Roman Literature (Research and Source Works No. 168)
Author: Wilhelm S. Teuffel
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Jean Jacques Rousseau and the Cosmopolitan Spirit in Literature
Author: Joseph Texte
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: A mediaeval humanist: Michael Akominatos (Burt Franklin research and source works series. Philosophy and religious history monographs, 127)
Author: Ida Carleton Thallon Hill
Publisher: Burt Franklin Reprints


Title: Les idees economiques d'un homme d'Etat dans la Florence des Medicis: Machiavel economiste (Burt Franklin research & source works series. Selected studies ... and social science, 26b) (French Edition)
Author: Jean Thevenet
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: The History of Printing in America
Author: Isaiah Thomas
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Appeal of one half the human race, women,: Against the pretensions of the other half, men, to retain them in political, and thence in civil and domestic, ... history, economics, and social science, 183)
Author: William Thompson
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: The Frankfort Book Fair
Author: James Westfall Thompson
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Geographical and Historical Dictionary of America and the West Indies
Author: Antonio De Alcedo
Publisher: Burt Franklin Publisher


Title: An introduction to Greek and Latin palaeography (Burt Franklin: bibliography and reference series)
Author: Edward Maunde Thompson
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Labor rewarded: The claims of labor and capital conciliated; or, How to secure to labor the whole products of its exertions (Burt Franklin research & source works series, 710)
Author: William Thompson
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Literacy of the Laity in the Middle Ages
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Relations Between Ancient Russia and Scandinavia and the Origin of the Russian State
Author: Vilhelm L. Thomsen
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Pulpit in the American Revolution
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Die Methode der Kunstgeschichte;: Ein Versuch (Burt Franklin research and source works series. Art history and reference series, 43) (German Edition)
Author: Hans Tietze
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Etudes Economiques, Politiques Et Litteraires (Selected essays in history, economics & social science, 194)
Author: Alexis de Tocqueville
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Life and letters of Joel Barlow, LL.D., poet, statesman, philosopher,: With extracts from his works and hitherto unpublished poems (Burt Franklin research ... classics in history and social science, 243)
Author: Charles Burr Todd
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Contributions to the annals of medical progress and medical education in the United States before and during the war of independence (Science classics)
Author: Joseph M Toner
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: El libro, la imprenta y el periodismo en America durante la dominacion espanola: Con ilus. y apendice documental (Burt Franklin research and source works ... and criticism, 193) (Spanish Edition)
Author: Jose Torre Revello
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Maya Architecture (Research and Source Works Series, No 513)
Author: George O. Totten
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Bibliographie Des Oeuvres De Prosper
Author: Pierre Trahard
Publisher: Franklin, Burt Co Inc


Title: Observations on the financial position and credit of such of the States of the North American Union as have contracted public debts (Burt Franklin research ... classics in history and social science, 180)
Author: Alexander Trotter
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Rational theology and Christian philosophy in England in the seventeenth century (Burt Franklin research & source works series. Philosophy & religious history monographs, 114)
Author: John Tulloch
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Dramatic Traditions of the Dark Ages
Author: J. S. Tunison
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Character and Influence of the Indian Trade in Wisconsin: A Study of the Trading Post As an Institution, 1891
Author: Frederick Jackson Turner
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Concordance to Fitzgerald's Translation of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (Bibliography and Reference Series, No 256)
Author: John R. Tutin
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: The contrast;: A comedy (Theatre and drama series)
Author: Royall Tyler
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Literary History of the American Revolution, 1763
Author: Moses C. Tyler
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Patrick Henry
Author: Moses Coit Tyler
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Philosophy of Manufactures
Author: Andrew Ure
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Bibliografia de Hernan Cortes (Burt Franklin, bibliography and reference, 386. Literature of discovery, exploration & geography series, 7)
Author: Rafael Heliodoro Valle
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Bibliografia maya (Burt Franklin bibliography and reference series, 436. Selected essays in history, economics, & social sciences, 306) (Spanish Edition)
Author: Rafael Heliodoro Valle
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: A medieval romance of friendship: Eger and Grime (Selected essays and texts in literature and criticism)
Author: Mabel Van Duzee
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: A Thackeray library; (Burt Franklin bibliography and reference series, 404. Essays in literature and criticism, 121)
Author: Henry Sayre Van Duzer
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Bibliography, Practical, Enumerative, Historical: An Introductory Manual (Burt Franklin Bibliography and Reference Series, 235)
Author: Henry Bartlett Van Hoesen
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: The Loyalists in the American Revolution. (American classics in history and social science, 167)
Author: Claude Halstead Van Tyne
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Henry William Herbert (Frank Forester): A bibliography of his writings, 1832-1858 (Burt Franklin bibliography & reference series, 403. Essays in literature and criticism, 120)
Author: William Mitchell Van Winkle
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Catalogue of a collection of books on logic: Presented to the library by John Venn
Author: Cambridge
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Principles of Empirical or Inductive Logic (Burt Franklin research and source work series. Philosophy & religious history monographs 113)
Author: John Venn
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Symbolic logic (Burt Franklin research and source works series, 778. Philosophy monograph series, 68)
Author: John Venn
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Archives De I'Impressionisme Lettres De Renoir, Monet, Pisarro, Sisley & Autres Memoires De Paul Durnad-Ruel
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: History of the Two Tartar Conquerors of China
Author: Pierre Joseph Dorleans
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Bibliografia vinciana, 1493-1930 (Burt Franklin bibliography & reference series, 367) (Italian Edition)
Author: Ettore Verga
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Manuel de l'amateur de livres du XIXe siecle, 1801-1893: Editions originales.--Ouvrages et periodiques illustres.--Romantiques.--Reimpressions critiques ... and references series, 474) (French Edition)
Author: Georges Vicaire
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Les Sources Italiennes De LA Deffense Et Illustration De LA Langue Francoise De Joachim Du Dellay (Essays in literature and criticism)
Author: Pierre Villey-Desmeserets
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Catalogue Des Livres Composant LA Bibliotheque Poetique De M. Vidlet-Le Duc Auec Des Notes Bibliographiques, 2 Vols in 1
Author: M. Viollet Le Duc
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Fairs Past and Present: A Chapter in the History of Commerce
Author: Cohnelius Walford
Publisher: Lenox Hill Pub


Title: Discussions in economics and statistics (Burt Franklin research and source works series, 680)
Author: Francis Amasa Walker
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: L'application des mathematiques a l'economie politique et sociale (Burt Franklin research & source works series, 872. Selected studies in history, economics ... & social science, n.s., 37) (French Edition)
Author: Leon Walras
Publisher: B. Franklin Reprints


Title: The equilibration of human aptitudes and powers of adaptation, (History of education)
Author: C. Osborne Ward
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: The complete works of Artemus Ward (Charles Farrar Browne) (Burt Franklin research & source works series, 616. American classics, 162)
Author: Artemus Ward
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Ancient Lowly: A History of the Ancient Working People from the Earliest Known Period to the Adoption of Christianity by Constantine (Selected essays in history, economics & social science, 187)
Author: Cyrenus O. Ward
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Famous Introductions to Shakespeare's Plays by the Notable Editors of the Eighteenth Century,
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Equitable Commerce: A New Development of Principles
Author: Josiah Warren
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: True Civilization: An Immediate Necessity, and the Last Ground of Hope for Mankind
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Short titles of books relating to or illustrating the history and practice of psalmody in the United States, 1620-1820 (Burt Franklin bibliography and reference series, 438)
Author: James Warrington
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Bibliotheca Britannica: Or, A General Index to British and Foreign Literature
Author: Robert Watt
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: The intellectualism of Locke: An essay (Burt Franklin research and source works series. Philosophy & religious history monographs 125)
Author: Thomas E Webb
Publisher: B. Franklin


Title: Collection of Papers on Political Literary and Moral Subjects
Author: Noah Webster
Publisher: Burt Franklin


Title: Miscellaneous Papers on Political and Commercial Subjects
Author: Noah Webster
Publisher: Burt Franklin Publisher


Title: Political Essays on the Nature and Operation of Money, Public Finances and Other Subjects (American Classics in History and Social Science 82)
Author: Pelatiah Webster
Publisher: Burt Franklin