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Over 6 million ISBNs and ISBN barcodes are listed. The ISBN format was created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISBNs are 10 or 13 digit numbers that uniquely identify a book by its title, publisher, and format. ISBN bar codes are just a bar code display of the ISBN number. ISBNs were introduced in 1970 and were originally 10 digit numbers. In 2007, ISBN numbers changed to 13 digit numbers so the system wouldn't run out of ISBN numbers to assign. The ISBN number is typically found on the back cover of the book along with the ISBN barcode that represents that number. The ISBN number can also typically be found on one of the first few pages of the book where the publisher and copyright information is listed.

Each edition of a book and each format of a book has a different ISBN number. This is very useful when searching for the softcover edition or the hardcover edition of a book. It is also useful for college students searching for the correct edition of a college textbook for their university class.

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Title: Prevention And Early Intervention
Author: William B Carey
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Therapists Who Have Sex With Their Patients: Treatment And Recovery
Author: Herbert Strean
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for the Specialty Board Review (Brunner/Mazel Continuing Education in Psychiatry, No 3)
Author: Robert L. Hendren
Publisher: Brunner-Routledge


Title: Essence Of A Single Session Success (Ericksonian Monographs, No 9)
Publisher: Brunner Mazel


Title: Jay Haley On Milton H. Erickson
Author: Jay Haley
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Annual Progress in Child Psychiatry and Child Development 1993
Author: M. Hertzig
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Acting For Real: Drama Therapy Process, Technique, And Performance
Author: Renee Emunah
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Handbook Of Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment
Author: H. Ghuman
Publisher: Routledge


Title: The Marital-Relationship Therapy Casebook: Theory & Application Of The Intersystem Model
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Families And Forgiveness: Healing Wounds In The Intergener: Healing Wounds In The Intergenerational Family
Author: Terry Hargrave
Publisher: Routledge


Title: The Projective Use Of Mother-And- Child Drawings: A Manual: A Manual For Clinicians
Author: Gillespie
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Essentials Of Psychoanalysis (Brunner/Mazel Basic Principles Into Practice, Vol 2)
Author: Herbert Strean
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Ericksonian Methods: The Essence Of The Story
Author: Jeffrey Zeig
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Enlarging The Therapeutic Circle: The Therapists Guide To: The Therapist's Guide To Collaborative Therapy With Families & School
Author: Ed.D., Sherman
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Creative Scripts For Hypnotherapy
Author: Marlene E. Hunter
Publisher: Brunner/Mazel


Title: Psychoanalysis And The Humanities (Current Issues in Psychoanalytic Practice)
Author: Laurie Adams
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Annual Progress in Child Psychiatry and Child Development 1994
Author: M. Hertzig
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Children Speak For Themselves: Using The Kempe Interactional Assessment To Evaluate Allegations Of Parent- child sexual abuse
Author: Cl Haynes-Seman
Publisher: Routledge


Title: A DSM-IV Casebook of Treatment Selection
Author: John F. Clarkin
Publisher: Brunner-Mazel Inc


Title: Please Help Me With This Family: Using Consultants As Resources In Family Therapy
Author: M. Andolfi
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Difficult Contexts For Therapy Ericksonian Monographs No.: Ericksonian Monographs 10
Author: S. Lankton
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Handbook Of Hypnotic Phenomena In Psychotherapy
Author: John H. Edgette
Publisher: Brunner/Mazel


Title: Understanding Mental Disorders Due To Medical Conditions Or Substance Abuse: What Every Therapist Should Know
Author: Ghazi Asaad
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Ending the Cycle of Abuse: The Stories of Women Abused As Children & the Group Therapy Techniques That Helped Them Heal
Author: Philip G. Ney
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Achievement And Addiction: A Guide To The Treatment Of Professionals
Author: Edgar P. Nace
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Truth, Trust And Relationships: Healing Interventions In Contextual Therapy
Author: Barbara Krasner
Publisher: Routledge


Title: The Many Faces Of Bereavement: The Nature And Treatment Of Natural, Traumatic, and Stigmatized Grief
Author: Ginny Sprang
Publisher: Routledge


Title: When Living Hurts: Directives For Treating Depression
Author: Michael D. Yapko
Publisher: Routledge


Title: True And False Allegations Of Child Sexual Abuse: Assessment & Case Management
Author: Tara Ney
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Compassion Fatigue: Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorders In Those Who Treat The Traumatized (Series in Psychosocial Stress)
Author: Figley
Publisher: Routledge


Title: A Comprehensive Guide To Attention Deficit Disorder In Adults: Research, Diagnosis And Treatment
Author: Kathleen Nadeau
Publisher: Brunner/Mazel


Title: Essentials Of Hypnosis (Brunner/Mazel Basic Principles Into Practice, Vol 4)
Author: Michael D Yapko
Publisher: Routledge


Title: The Treatment Of Psychiatric Disorders
Author: William H. Reid
Publisher: Routledge


Title: DSM-IV Training Guide For Diagnosis Of Childhood Disorders
Author: Judith L. Rapoport
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Preparation For Licensing And Board Certification Examinations in Psychology: The Professional Legal & Ethical Components (Brunner/Mazel Continu)
Author: Robert G. Meyer
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Sex, Priests, And Power: Anatomy Of A Crisis
Author: A.W. Richard Sipe
Publisher: Routledge


Title: The Complete Dsm-Iv Training Program
Author: Reid
Publisher: Routledge


Title: The Custody Evaluation Handbook: Research Based Solutions & Applications
Author: Barry Bricklin
Publisher: Brunner/Mazel


Title: Psychotherapeutic Metaphors: A Guide To Theory And Practice (Basic Principles Into Practice Series , No 5)
Author: Philip Barker
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Reclaiming Herstory: Ericksonian Solution-Focused Therapy For Sexual Abuse
Author: Che Bell-Gadsby
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Metaphor Therapy: Using Client Generated Metaphors In Psychotherapy
Author: Richard R. Kopp
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Handbook of Diagnosis and Treatment of the DSM-IV Personality Disorders
Author: Len Sperry
Publisher: Brunner


Title: Integrative Solutions: Treating Common Problems In Couples Therapy
Author: Gerald R. Weeks
Publisher: Brunner/Mazel


Title: Sexual Desire Disorders: Dysfunctional Regulation Of Sexual Motivation
Author: Helen Singer Kaplan
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Sex Addiction: Case Studies And Management
Author: Ralph H. Earle
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Disorders of the Self: New Therapeutic Horizons: The Masterson Approach
Author: James F. Masterson M. D.
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Psychopharmacology And Psychotherapy: Strategies for Maximizing Treatment Outcomes (Mental Health Practice Under Managed Care, No 1)
Author: Len Sperry
Publisher: Brunner/Mazel


Title: Psychiatry Specialty Board Review For The DSM-IV (Continuing Education in Psychiatry & Psychology Series, No 5)
Author: John Duffy
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Focused Psychotherapy: A Casebook Of Brief Intermittent Psychotherapy Throughout The Life Cycle
Author: Nick Cummings
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy For Adjustment Disorders: A Guide for Providers Under Managed Care (Mental Health Practice Under Managed Care, Volume 3)
Author: Daniel L. Araoz
Publisher: Brunner/Mazel


Title: Group Psychotherapy And Managed Mental Health Care: A Clinical Guide For Providers (Mental Health Practice Under Managed Care, Vol 2)
Author: Henry I. Spitz
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Better, Deeper And More Enduring Brief Therapy: The Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Approach
Author: Albert Ellis
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Annual Progress in Child Psychiatry and Child Development 1995
Author: Margare Hertzig
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Sexual Abuse And Eating Disorders
Author: Mark Schwartz
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Attention-Deficit Scales For Adults ADSA
Author: Santo Ja Triolo
Publisher: Routledge


Title: ADSA Two Sheets and Manual
Author: Santo Triolo
Publisher: Routledge


Title: ADSA Two Sheets
Author: Santo J. Triolo
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Therapy with Stepfamilies (Brunner/Mazel Basic Principles Into Practice Series, Vol 6)
Author: Emily B. Visher
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Adventures In Fast Forward: Life, Love, and Work for the ADD Adult
Author: Kathleen G. Nadeu
Publisher: Brunner/Mazel


Title: Fundamentals Of Marital Therapy (Brunner/Mazel Basic Principles Into Practice Series, Vol 14)
Author: D. Russell Crane
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Short-Term Couples Therapy: The Imago Model In Action: The Imago Model In Action
Author: Wade Luquet
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Psychosomatic Disorders: Theoretical And Clinical Aspects (Brunner/Mazel Basic Principles Into Practice Series, Vol 7)
Author: Ghazi Asaad
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Herbal Medicines for Neuropsychiatric Diseases: Current Developments and Research
Author: S. Kanba
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Hypnosis And Experience: The Exploration Of Phenomena & Process
Author: Peter W Sheehan
Publisher: Routledge


Title: The Healthy Woman
Author: Susan Davis
Publisher: Routledge


Title: The Spectrum Of Child Abuse: Assessment, Treatment And Prevention (Brunner/Mazel Basic Principles Into Practice Series, Vol 8)
Author: R. Kim Oates
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Clinical Social Work: Definition, Practice And Vision (Brunner/Mazel Basic Principles Into Practice Series, Vol 9)
Author: Rachell Dorfman
Publisher: Routledge


Title: The Psychiatry Specialty Board Review For The DSM-IV IBM Or
Author: John Duffy
Publisher: Routledge


Title: The Couple And Family In Managed Care: Assessment, Evaluation And Treatment (Mental Health Practice Under Managed Care, Vol 4)
Author: Denni Bagarozzi
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Attention Deficit Disorder: Diagnosis And Treatment From Infancy To Adulthood (Basic Principles Into Practice Series, Volume 13)
Author: Patricia Quinn
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Managed Mental Health Care: Major Diagnostic And Treatment Approaches (Mental Health Practice Under Managed Care, Vol 8)
Author: S. Sauber
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Manual For Clinical Psychology Trainees: Assessment, Evaluation And Treatment (Brunner/Mazel Basic Principles Into Practice Series, Vol 10)
Author: James P. Choca
Publisher: Routledge


Title: The Disordered Couple
Author: Jon Carlson
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Current Psychotherapeutic Drugs
Author: Donald Klein
Publisher: Routledge


Title: The Practice Of Emotionally Focused Marital Therapy: Creating Connection (Brunner/Mazel Basic Principles Into Practice Series, Vol 11)
Author: Susan M Johnson
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Inside Managed Care: Family Therapy In A Changing Environment
Author: Judi Aronson
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Current Thinking and Research in Brief Therapy (Current Thinking & Research in Brief Therapy Vol. 1)
Author: Willia Matthews
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Corporate Therapy And Consulting (Mental Health Practice Under Managed Care, Vol 5)
Author: Len Sperry
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Making Peace With Chronic Pain: A Whole-Life Strategy
Author: Marlene Hunter
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Child Therapy: Concepts, Strategies,And Decision Making: Concepts Strategies & Decision Making (Brunner Mazel Basic Principles Into Practice Series, Vol 15)
Author: III, MD, Lewis
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Spiritual Presence In Psychotherapy: A Guide For Caregivers
Author: David A. Steere
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Breaking the Silence: Art Therapy with Children from Violent Homes
Author: Cathy Malchiodi
Publisher: Brunner/Mazel


Title: Lost Childhoods: The Plight Of The Parentified Child
Author: Gregor Jurkovic
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Treatment Outcomes In Psychotherapy And Psychiatric Interventions (Mental Health Practice Under Managed Care, No 6)
Author: Len Sperry
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Annual Progress in Child Psychiatry and Child Development 1996
Author: M. Hertzig
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Treatment Of Depression In Managed Care (Mental Health Practice Under Managed Care, Vol 7)
Author: Mark Mays
Publisher: Routledge


Title: The Impact Of Managed Care On The Practice Of Psychotherapy: Innovations, Implementation And Controversy
Author: David Phillips
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Marriage As A Search For Healing: Theory, Assessment, and Therapy
Author: Jerry M. Lewis
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Stepfamilies: The Step Step Model Of Brief Therapy
Author: Mala S. Burt
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Young Children And Their Drawings
Author: Joseph di Leo
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Child Development: Analysis And Synthesis
Author: Joseph di Leo
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Temperament: Theory And Practice (Brunner/Mazel Basic Principles Into Practice Series, Vol 12)
Author: Stella Chess
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Your Dieting Daughter...Is She Dying For Attention?
Author: Carolyn Costin
Publisher: Brunner/Mazel


Title: Culture And Psychopathology: A Guide To Clinical Assessment
Author: W. Tseng
Publisher: Routledge


Title: The Aging Family: New Visions In Theory, Practice, And Reality
Author: Terry Hargrave
Publisher: Routledge


Title: Pharmacotherapy for Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders
Author: Samuel Gershon
Publisher: Brunner/Mazel Publisher


Title: Trauma, Dissociation, And Impulse Dyscontrol In Eating Disorders (Brunner/Mazel Eating Disorders Monograph Series, No. 9)
Author: Johan Vanderlinden
Publisher: Routledge


Title: The Art of Play: Helping Adults Reclaim Imagination and Spontaneity
Author: Adam Blatner
Publisher: Brunner/Mazel


Title: Leaving Home: The Therapy Of Disturbed Young People
Author: Jay Haley
Publisher: Routledge


Title: The Dictionary Of Managed Care: A Is For Access
Author: Jodi Aronson
Publisher: Routledge