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Over 6 million ISBNs and ISBN barcodes are listed. The ISBN format was created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISBNs are 10 or 13 digit numbers that uniquely identify a book by its title, publisher, and format. ISBN bar codes are just a bar code display of the ISBN number. ISBNs were introduced in 1970 and were originally 10 digit numbers. In 2007, ISBN numbers changed to 13 digit numbers so the system wouldn't run out of ISBN numbers to assign. The ISBN number is typically found on the back cover of the book along with the ISBN barcode that represents that number. The ISBN number can also typically be found on one of the first few pages of the book where the publisher and copyright information is listed.

Each edition of a book and each format of a book has a different ISBN number. This is very useful when searching for the softcover edition or the hardcover edition of a book. It is also useful for college students searching for the correct edition of a college textbook for their university class.

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Title: The Polish Press in America
Author: Jan Kowalik
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: British and Canadian immigration to the United States since 1920
Author: Kenneth Lines
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: San Francisco's Chinatown: How Chinese a Town?
Author: Christopher L. Salter
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Engagement in the Mirror: Hairdressers and Their Work
Author: David Schroder
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: The Last Straw: A Handbook of Solutions to School Behavior Problems
Author: Christina S. Volkmann
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: The Portuguese in America
Author: Sandra Wolforth
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Social control and the proliferation of juvenile court services
Author: Thomas G Blomberg
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Prisons and prisoners: A bibliographic guide
Author: Lee H Bowker
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Stress related disorders in policemen
Author: William D Haynes
Publisher: R. & E. Research Associates


Title: Marital violence: A study of interspouse homicide
Author: Peter D Chimbos
Publisher: R&E Research Associates


Title: Black Student Alienation: A Study
Author: David P. Claerbaut
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Exploring the known and unknown factors in the rates of alcoholism among Black and White females
Author: John Charles Coney
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Effect of an Academic Program on the Moral Development of Incarcerated Young Adults
Author: Larry Allen Connatser
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Criminal Self-Conceptions in the Penal Community of Female Offenders: An Empirical Study
Author: Marion R. Earnest
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Black Elected Officials in California
Author: Sethard Fisher
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Towards a Philosophy of Black Studies
Author: Charles A. Frye
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Child Abuse and Neglect: An Examination from the Perspective of Child Development Knowledge
Author: Jeanne M. Giovannoni
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Juvenile Courts: Functions and Relevent Theory
Author: James M. Knight
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Delinquency proneness: A comparison of delinquent tendencies in minors under court supervision
Author: Phyllis Levine
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: The Political Outsiders: Blacks and Indians in a Rural Oklahoma County
Author: Brian F. Rader
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Mexican-American Civic Organizations: Political Participation and Political Attitudes
Author: Roy C. Rodriguez
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Disease Beliefs in Mexican-American Communities
Author: Linda C. Rose
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: The Delinquent and Non-Delinquent in a High Delinquent Area
Author: Lawrence Rosen
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Social Security and the Spanish-speaking
Author: Hector Salazar
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: The Divorce Profile: Differential Social Correlates in 1952 and in 1972
Author: Robert D. Reed
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: The murderess: A psychosocial study of criminal homicide
Author: Jane Totman
Publisher: R and E Research Associates


Title: Working Women in Mexico During the Porfiriato, 1880-1910
Author: V. Vallens
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Sex role behavior in a woman's prison: An ethological analysis
Author: Katherine S Van Wormer
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Evaluation research as a feedback mechanism for criminal justice policy making: A critical analysis
Author: Richard P Seiter
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: The Mythical Negative Black Self Concept
Author: Elmer E. Wells
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Female Adolescent Drinking, Problem Drink8Ng and Sex Role Orientation: A Test of Adler's Propositions
Author: Bradley M. Larsen
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Job switching in autonomous groups: A descriptive and exploratory study in an underground coal mine
Author: Melvin Blumberg
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Study of Black Self Help
Author: William L. Pollard
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: The effect of long-term unemployment on workers and their families
Author: Katharine Briar-Lawson
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Evaluating the effectiveness of alternative treatment strategies in a comprehensive alcoholism treatment center
Author: Erlene L Collins
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Unmarried Heterosexual Cohabitation
Author: Carl Danziger
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Social and Psychological Correlates of Black Anti-Semitism
Author: Ronald T. Tsukashima
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Mind on Harlem
Author: Arthur L. Ellis
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Child Study Through Observation and Participation
Author: Kay Kuzma
Publisher: Ultramarine Publishing Company


Title: Family Integration and Mental Health
Author: Au-Deane S. Cowley
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Experimental Sociolinguistic Study of Chicano Bilingualism
Author: Adalberto, Jr. Aguirre
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Effectiveness of an Open Classroom Approach on Second Language Acquisition
Author: Iona Anderson
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Language Maintenance, Language Shift, & Occupational Achievement in the United States
Author: John Angle
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Motivational workshops for low achieving high school students in order to help them improve career maturity
Author: Thomas R Coleman
Publisher: R&E Research Associates


Title: Birth Order, Parental Interest, and Academic Achievement
Author: Ernest J. Green
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Rhetoric of Cultural Pluralism Vs the Drive Toward Total Assimilation: The Mexican American Cultural Component of Federally Funded Bilingual Projects
Author: Worth L. Nicholl
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Teaching American Indian History: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Author: Larry L. Vantine
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Volunteer programs for secondary schools: A handbook for teachers, administrators, volunteers and especially volunteer coordinators
Author: Mary Woolsey Lewis
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: A teachers' guide for working with volunteers
Author: Mary Woolsey Lewis
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Welcome secondary school volunteer: A guide to success
Author: Mary Woolsey Lewis
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Working-class emigres from Cuba
Author: Geoffrey E Fox
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: The history of underground communication in Russia since the seventeenth century
Author: William R Rainbolt
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Family Policy in the USSR Since 1944
Author: Charlotte Herman
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: The Mexican woman: A study of her participation in the Revolution, 1910-1940
Author: Shirlene Ann Soto
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Modern Chinese Family
Author: Wai-Kin Che
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Spanish Surname Recent Migrant Families: Life Cycle, Family Socioeconomics and Housing Status
Author: T. John Alexander
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Women and Heroin Abuse: A Survey of Sexism in Drug Abuse Administration
Author: Debra L. Ashbrook
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Utilization of Mental Health Services by Mexican Americans: A Critical Analysis
Author: Augustine Baron
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Study of Culture Change in Modern Puerto Rico
Author: Irwin B. Blatt
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Death Education: Attitudes of Teachers, School Board Members and Clergy
Author: Beverly F. Croskery
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: The nightmare: A checklist of the world literature to 1976
Author: Joseph Gerald Drazan
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Women in the Professions: A Social-Psychological Study
Author: Patricia N. Feulner
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Adolescent Mexican American student attitudes of self-concept, locus of control, and family ideology in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas
Author: Eugenio D Garza
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Cancer Quackery the Label of Quack and Its Relation to Deviant Behavior
Author: L Kay Gillispie
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Education and the Black Experience
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Administrative Advocacy: Black Administrators in Urban Bureaucracy
Author: Lenneal J. Henderson
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Education and social control in Southern Rhodesia
Author: Tendayi J Kumbula
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Conquest and Resistance: The Origins of the Chicano National Minority (132p)
Author: Gilberto Lopez Y Rivas
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: The Role of Women in Korean Society With Emphasis on the Economic System
Author: Moon J. Madrigal
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Alienation and Resistance: The Political Behavior of Afro-Canadians
Author: Paula D. McClain
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: An archivists guide to the Catholic Church in Mexico
Author: Virginia N Mounce
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Fatalistic Suicide
Author: Dennis L. Peck
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Marital Adjustment in Couples of Which One Spouse Is Physically Handicapped
Author: Yen Peterson
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: An analysis of attitudes and behaviors of young adults toward the aged
Author: David L Petty
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Educational Computer Technology: A Manual/Guide for Effective and Efficient Utilization by School Administrations
Author: Bernard Sidman
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Women Against Apartheid: The Fight for Freedom in South Africa, 1920-1975
Author: Nancy Van Vuuren
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: School Organization and Black Childrens' Esteem and Future-Focused Role Images
Author: Roy A. Weaver
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Black Assimilation in the Urban Environment: The Impact of Migration and Mobility
Author: Margaret G. Wilder
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: The institutionalization of participation in Communist China: The case of two universities in [Peking]
Author: Hei-Tak Wu
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Black American heritage: Contributions to the American culture
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Skin color, race, and self image: An exploratory study of a group of high school youths
Author: Zelte Crawford
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Ethnic Group Insulation, Self-Concept, Academic Standards, and the Failure of Evaluations
Author: Celestino Fernandez
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Self in Transition: Change and Continuity in Self-Esteem After High School
Author: James Gruber
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Analysis of Current Select Teacher Training Programs in Bilingual/Bicultural Education and the Development of New Teacher Training Designs
Author: Sherry R. Migdail
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: A model community counseling program for ethnic minority low income women
Author: Esther B Nelson
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Self-Esteem and Social Anchorage of Adolescent White, Black, and Mexican American Students
Author: Janet D. Ockerman
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: The Effects of Enrichment Tutoring upon Self-Concept, Educational Achievement, and Measured Intelligence of Male Underachievers in an Inner-City Elementary School
Author: Clarence R Olsen
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: A study in student development: Rebellion and delinquency as alternative responses to schooling
Author: Richard P Rettig
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Chicano elites and non-elites: An inquiry into social and political change
Author: Roberto E Villarreal
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Happy Adolescent
Author: Ruth G. Boyer
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Teaching Your Child to Lead: A Parents Guide
Author: Ernest Yutze Flores
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Can Science Be Saved
Author: Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Caregiving: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Author: Hernande
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Elementary Education As a Profession: A Workbook
Author: Eileen V. Hilke
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Much Ado About Math: Ideas and Activities for Math
Author: Peggie A. Jelks
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Stepping into Stepparenting: A Practical Guide
Author: Larry C. Jensen
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: Sociolinguistics and reading: How parents can contribute to the development of children's language and reading ability
Author: Ramona Kruse
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: Paddles away: A psychological study of physical punishment in schools
Author: Adah Maurer
Publisher: R & E Research Associates


Title: All You Could Forget About Older People
Author: Leo E. Missinne
Publisher: R & E Pub


Title: God Bless the Grass: Studies in Helping Children Grow in Self-Esteem
Author: Robert E. Newman
Publisher: R & E Pub